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Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleader MaKayla Diggs Shares "Summer Dump" Swimsuit Photos

She’s on a permanent vacation.

Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader MaKayla Diggs is finally getting around to posting a bunch of pictures highlighting her amazing summer. Diggs looks to have had a wonderful time with her friends and loved ones, and spent plenty of time by the pool in a variety of bathing suits, including one blue metallic bikini. "Summer dump," she captioned the post. "One for the books🤩🍸," a friend commented. Here's how Diggs stays in Laker Girl shape.


Swimming and Scuba Diving

Diggs enjoys swimming and scuba diving, sharing videos of her adventures online. "While underwater, we also have the privilege of being in a sound vacuum," says scuba instructor Imogen Gray. "This, combined with the deep breathing, the peaceful setting and the mindfulness which comes with diving can create a safe space to escape your worries and let them go. Let them drift away on the current. Your worries can't find you when you're underwater."


Pineapple Juice


Diggs sips on fresh pineapple juice for a delicious and nutritious pick me up—which is a particularly good choice for athletes and dancers. "Pineapple is the only food known to contain bromelain, an enzyme that helps your skin and tissues heal," says Julia Zumpano, RD, LD. "Bromelain appears to produce substances that combat in pain and swelling."


Supplements With Shakes

Diggs supplements her diet with meal replacement shakes, which can be a convenient option for those too busy to stop and eat a proper meal. "Meal replacement shakes are designed to help an individual to lower their calorie intake and take the pressure off food and meal prep," dietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine tells LiveScience. "They're designed for people who don't want to think about what they're eating and just want to 'grab and go'."


Fresh Coconut

Diggs hydrates with fresh coconut water when she's on vacation. "The electrolytes found in coconuts have great benefits – not only to maintain fluid levels inside cells, but for delivering water to where it is needed most," says sports nutritionist Jess Hillard. "This helps keep us hydrated, which subsequently improves skin health, regulates body temperature and supports joint health."


Lots of Vacations

Diggs jokes that all her social media pictures are of her vacations, which studies show are good for your health. "What we found is that people who vacation more frequently in the past 12 months have a lowered risk for metabolic syndrome and metabolic symptoms," says Bryce Hruska, PhD, assistant professor of public health in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. "Metabolic syndrome is a collection of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. If you have more of them, you are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease. This is important because we are actually seeing a reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease the more vacationing a person does. Because metabolic symptoms are modifiable, it means they can change or be eliminated." 

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