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Love Island Star Jess Harding Shares Swimsuit Photo on "Birthday"

Here are her body and beauty secrets. 

Jess Harding is gifting her followers some swimsuit snaps on her birthday. In one of her latest social media posts, the Love Island winner shows off her famous curves in a bathing suit on her special day, wowwing her fans. "Wowwww," commented one. "Stunner," added another. How does the Brit reality star maintain her body and beauty? Here are some of her secrets. 


She Gets Botox

Jess is the owner of Candy Aesthetics, which offers fat dissolving treatments including fillers, Botox and Brazilian butt lifts. "Considering it's my job I don't actually have a lot done," she told OK. "I think a lot of practitioners do have their whole face jabbed, but I do stick to the natural look. "I've had a little bit of Botox," she admitted. 


She Gained Weight at the Villa

In an Instagram Q&A Jess was asked if she lost weight while on the show. "No, I put weight on when I was in the villa," she said. "We were just eating and not moving around, just sitting in the sun."


She's Gotten a Non-Surgical Tummy Tucks

On TikTOk Jess revealed that she had undergone a non surgical tummy tuck, sharing a video of a belt and machine wrapped around her stomach. She also shared before and after photos. 


She Gets Cheek, Chin, and Lip Filler

Jess also copped to having "just a bit of cheek and chin filler and lips," during the Q&A. "I had my lips done, since I was 18 I had such little lips, but it started off getting a little bit in my cheeks, just because it gives off that nice contour, it just gives a structure to the face."


She Celebrates Body Confidence

Jess is body confident. She recently launched a size inclusive clothing collection, In The Style X Jess Harding. "I literally can't even tell you how much this means to me, not just because it's an amazing opportunity but because it's a dream to be able to create a collection that all you girls can look beautiful in no matter what shape or size," she wrote in a post.


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