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Love Island Star Nathalia Campos Shares Swimsuit Photo Sparkling

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Nathalia Campos made waves last year when she appeared as a "bombshell" on Love Island. Since then, she's grown a strong following on social media. Campos shares a lot of stunning posts on Instagram. In a recent video, she is seen posing on the beach in a black swimsuit and a sparkly mesh cover-up. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Nathalia Campos stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She's Authentic

In an interview on the Dissolved with Dr. Rosh podcast, Campos talked about her experience on Love Island. In it, she was asked what advice she'd give to others. Campos says that she believes in being authentic. "Go ask your mom who you are. Go ask your best friend who you are. If people are saying negative things to you, remember who you are. Always remember who you are." 


She Focuses On The Positive

Campos is all about focusing on the positive. She said on the Dissolved with Dr. Rosh podcast that this helps her be a stronger person. "I had moments where I had to really be strong. So I feel like going in there helped me like be stronger as a person. You also helped me to try and focus more on the positive things because there was like a lot of negative things that I could focus on. So by going in there, I'm just pushing myself to focus on positive things."


She Has Support

On her Dissolved with Dr. Rosh podcast interview, Campos revealed how she handles the negativity on social media. She says that she has a lot of supportive people in her life, and focuses on those. "I just try and focus on the people who know me and the people who actually know me. They love me and they're so proud of me. And for me, that's what matters. Because if they support me and they think, 'no that's not how you are', then that's what it matters. People that don't actually know me, whatever they say is not really that important."


She Loves Therapy


Campos is a big believer in therapy. "I think everyone should speak to a therapist," she said on the Dissolved with Dr. Rosh podcast. "It's just that's another thing that people think, oh yeah 'if you're speaking to a therapist, you have some issues.' It's just so good because it's time for yourself. So you take an hour a week where you just talk to someone completely neutral and you can just tell them about your week, tell them about your day, tell them about anything about how you're feeling, and they just listen to you. They'll give you nice advice, they'll help you control your emotions. It's just that everyone should do it. I mean, the wisest people, the richest people, they'll have therapists. So that's something that helps a lot."


She Swims

Campos does a lot of traveling. One thing she likes to do when she travels is spend time in the water. In this highlight video she posted on Instagram, Campos is seen getting out of the pool. She captioned the post, "Half way through June and my favourite month of the year so far with an amazing stay at @capstgeorgeshotelresort." In this highlight video of a trip she took to the South of France, Campos is seen jumping into the water off of a boat.

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