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Luann de Lesseps In Ski Bunny Gear Says "Love My BFFs" In Aspen

Here are her wellness tips.

The Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps is taking a break from her cabaret performances to hit the slopes in Aspen, Colorado. De Lesseps shared pictures of herself wearing black and pink ski gear, posing with friends at the resort. "Happy Easter from Aspen! 🐰🐣🥚 love my BFFs❤️" she captioned the post. De Lesseps is one of the OG New york Housewives and only seems to be getting better with age—here's how the reality star is in the best shape of her life at 58.


No Age Shaming

De Lesseps is not interested in anyone who says she is too old to post bikini selfies. "I'm proud of the fact that I can still rock a bikini at this age," she said in a clap-back video. "Women should be able to wear whatever they want at any age as long as they feel good. So be cool, don't be, like, all uncool. Haters gonna hate boo! 🙄🤸🏽‍♂️"


Living That Sober Life

De Lesseps lives a sober life, and believes she helped inspire Kyle Richards to make the same choice. "I did not drink the entire [RHUGT] trip [because I was sober. And you know what Kyle said to me? She goes, 'You know what Luann? You are so much fun. Even without drinking.' And I think I inspired her a little bit not to drink," she said on an episode of Melissa Gorga's podcast. "Nobody is forcing you to drink. Nobody is pouring alcohol down your throat. It is your choice to pick up a drink or not."


Wellness Green Juices


De Lesseps swears by Dr. Daryl Gioffre's products as part of her wellness routine. "I think the key is not to get too much sun, definitely, and just really hydrating," she told E! News. "I use Dr. Daryl's products, who does, green juices, powdered green juices and minerals, potassium, magnesium, all these great things that you need to keep your blood hydrated as well and your body hydrated. Actually Dorinda [Medley] introduced me to him. So I highly recommend using his powdered green juices and minerals and then he's got this great…an alkalizer it's called. You put it in your coffee and it's mocha and it takes away the acidity of coffee."


Cabaret All Day

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De Lesseps gets immense fulfillment from her cabaret show. "Cabaret is very personal to me," she told Rolling Stone. "It's something that I really love and people can feel that, and it's an immersive experience. My fans are actually a part of the show. I put on a great show and I worked really hard at it. I have a director who's amazing, Richard J. Alexander, and my musical director Brian Nash is incredible. There's no other experience out there like it."


The Camera Doesn't Lie

De Lesseps is a firm believer that being authentic is the best way to go, both on TV and in real life. "I always say you have to be yourself because the camera doesn't lie," she told Rolling Stone. "I feel like that's the only way to roll — to be your best possible self because a lot of people are watching. For me, I have my moments, but for the most part we produce the show because it's our story, it's our life, and so I think it's important to be as inspirational as you can."

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