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Lucifer Star Aimee Garcia Shares Swimsuit Photo From the Beach

Her lifestyle and beauty tips.

Lucifer star Aimee Garcia wrapped up her summer with a trip to the beach and a dip in the ocean. Garcia, who plays Ella Lopez on the show, shared a stunning picture of herself standing in the surf, posing in a dark blue bikini. "Last days of summer 💙," she captioned the post. Garcia seems to be aging in reverse with every year that passes—here's how she looks incredible at 45. 


Weight Lifting With Cans

Garcia swears by regular exercise for her youthful looks. "I work out every day or at least I try to," she says. "I believe that exercise preserves youth more than anything else. Sometimes if I'm at home watching TV I do weight-lifting moves with cans during commercials. It really is that easy! Trust me, if you do that and throw in squats and a couple of push-ups during commercial breaks you will see a change in your body."


Avocado Every Day


Garcia eats an avocado a day for health and beauty. "I swear by avocado," she says. "It's excellent for your hair and skin, so I eat one daily. I also love Thayers Original Witch Hazel Astringent, which I pick up at Whole Foods. I use it after washing my face, and I even remove my makeup with it. I also get facials twice a year with the incredible Shani Darden, who I found through Jessica Alba. I trust Jessica—she's built an empire on her face."


Hair and Eyebrows


Garcia washes her hair every three days to maintain health and moisture. "I have kind of frizzy hair because I am half Puerto Rican so I really like Jonathan products," she says. "When I use his conditioner I don't have to put any sort of balm afterwards because it just smoothes away any unruly hairs… I'm a big eyebrows girl. I like to keep things really natural and I think eyebrows really frame your face."


Natalie Portman Fan


Garcia is inspired by Natalie Portman's looks and style. "I love that she always looks like herself," she says. "She's classy, chic and yet relatable. She's the face of Dior, but can also be girl-next-door. She's managed to navigate between being a beauty icon, Oscar-winning actresses, Ivy League graduate and down-to-earth humanitarian."


Representing Latinas

Garcia is proud to represent her community on screen. "I feel a big responsibility to represent what it means to be a Latina to a global audience," she says. "I'll never forget when a group of young girls [Latinas] came up to me and said, 'Oh my God, we love Veronica on the George Lopez show! She's so funny and stylish, and we love that she's a Latina millionaire.' And I thought, Wow, the roles that I pick aren't just to pay rent but they're also to represent my community. It's bigger than me."

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