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Lucifer Star Dez Cuchiara Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Happiness"

The sky's the limit for this singer and actress.

Lucifer star Dez Cuchiara knows the small things are what bring joy—like a pool party with good friends. Cuchiara, who plays LUX DJ ​​on the show, shared a very smiley upbeat picture of herself posing next to the pool in a swimsuit and shorts, clearly having a great time—which she jokingly referred to in the caption. "Had a terrible time yesterday, clearly 🌴🧜‍♀️💦👯‍♀️ #saturdazed," she said. The location was listed as "happiness". Here's what else makes the actress feel her best self. 


Art Hobbies

Cuchiara loves to paint while sipping on wine. "Studies have shown that expressing themselves through art can help people with depression, anxiety, or cancer, too," say the experts at Harvard Health. "And doing so has been linked to improved memory, reasoning, and resilience in healthy older people."


Red Wine Lover

Dez Cuchiara/Instagram

Cuchiara enjoys visiting California's many beautiful wineries, and credits the drink with helping her break through creative blocks. "Lots of wine! Meditation as well," she says. "If I'm ever blocked I just simply put it down, focus my brain elsewhere for however long, and try again later. There's no rush with creating, so I don't! Normally if I marry a direction it just flows."


She's a Singer

Cuchiara not only sings, but also produces for other musicians. "I think quarantine really helped with adding fuel to my fire," she says. "It gave me the much needed time and space to focus more on myself. Although I'm already a pretty connected and spiritual woman, my quiet time has become king. As for releasing music during this pandemic, it really just came down to revisiting things I've been holding onto. I realized that there is never going to be a more perfect time than now to just let it go. I wanted to release the old to make room for the new. So I simply cleaned out my 'creative closet'. I mean, there are no more rules…(not that there ever was when it comes to art) but my mindset has changed tremendously by just telling myself that – allowing myself to be free."


The Sky's the Limit


Cuchiara believes the sky's the limit with her career. "I'm inspired by the fact that ANYTHING can happen in entertainment right now," she says. "This year this world has broken open, and it's our job as artists to help put the pieces back together in a different way. There's never been a better time in the history of the world to be an artist – that [really] excites me."


Show Up For Yourself

Cuchiara has many mantras and sayings which inspire her, and encourage confidence in her daily life. "Self love [will] save you every time," she says. "Because you glow different when you give yourself the love you used to seek from others. So show up for yourself, and continue to show up for yourself. The end."

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