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Lucifer Star Lesley-Ann Brandt Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "It's Fall"

She does her own stunts.

It might be fall, but Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt has no plans to stop hitting the beach—and she's taking plenty of selfies. Brandt, who plays Mazikeen on the show, shared a picture of herself posing on a beach towel in a tan bikini, glowing in the sun. "Apparently, it's fall. 🥵🍁🍂🤷🏽‍♀️," she captioned the post. Brandt works incredibly hard to maintain her strong physique—here's what her training and diet look like.


She's a Daredevil

Brandt loves doing her own stunts. "When I do something, I give it my all," she says. "I do about ninety percent of all the stunts you see on screen. I've always been an athlete. Being physically active is a huge part of my personal life — and I think a big part of Maze as a character is her physicality and the way she moves… I'm such a huge action fan. So, from the very beginning, I've worked on giving as many usable takes of me doing a variety of stunts so that the fighting scenes look and feel real. I want people to believe that Maze can do some damage — and it's easier to bring that to life when you can see real sweat on my face."


Personal Trainer Sessions

Brandt works out with personal trainer Paolo Mascitti, who switches up her routine every four to six weeks. "We do a lot of plyometric exercises combined with strength training to accommodate her need to move quickly and for long periods of time while she's shooting," he says. "To mix things up, we usually focus two or three sessions on resistance training, and two to three sessions of high-intensity interval training."


Sweet Tooth

Sugar is Brandt's dietary weakness. "I do have a sweet tooth; it is my kryptonite," she says. "It is like French macaroons; I love ice cream and to add almond nuts. I love the crunch. I weaned myself off of chocolate because of veganism, but there is a vegan chocolate I love made with cashew milk. What I'm trying to do is have raspberry tea, but if I need something else, I have a small piece of chocolate. It is a weakness and I have to have it under control."


Plant-Based Diet

Brandt enjoys a plant-based diet. "I always have a fridge full of vegetables," she says. Quinoa, lentils, and beans also make up a larger portion of what she eats, and she says she tries to steer clear of meat substitute products — at least most of the time. "I'll be honest, I do love an Impossible Burger, but I honestly just fell in love with trying different cuisines, new recipes, and finding new ways to fuel my body and keep me energized."


Fitness Fanatic

Brandt never skips a workout because she truly loves how it makes her feel. "It's hard for me to go a week without working out and breaking a sweat, but whether that be in the pool doing laps, I was so athletic growing up and my father was a lifeguard, so it was easy for me to be athletic," she says. "It makes me feel like I achieve something throughout the day."

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