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Lucy Mecklenburgh In Workout Gear Says "90% of the Time I Dress Like This" 

Here are her health and wellness tips.

The Only Way Is Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh never skips her daily exercise—which is why she is almost always wearing workout gear. Mecklenburgh, 32, shared a video of herself getting ready to take her kids to school, wearing dark blue leggings and a matching sweater. "Rainy morning nursery run ☔️ I love creating fashion reels for more glam looks but 90% of the time I dress like this 🤣," she captioned the post. Here's how the reality star stays fit and happy.


Postpartum Pilates


Mecklenburgh loves Pilates workouts. "I used to be a huge fan of HIIT but, since having my son Roman two years ago, I have changed my style of training," she told Women's Fitness. "I still love HIIT, but as a busy mum-of-two I have found it very useful to focus more on exercises that stretch my body and make me feel stronger. I am a huge fan of barre and Pilates."


Wellness Rituals

Mecklenburgh does one active thing every day for health and mental wellness. "What makes me feel good is working out, so I try and do a short workout or a walk every day," she told Heatworld. "Every morning with breakfast I take a probiotic from Optibac . I'm also using the Rhitrition+ Vitamin D Spray and I think, just drinking lots of water. Getting as much color on my plate as possible when eating meals. If I can tick most of those things off every day, that's a good day."


80/20 Diet Rules

Lucy Mecklenburgh/Instagram

Mecklenburgh follows the 80/20 rule with her diet. "From Monday to Friday I'm quite strict. I don't have any fast food or processed food," she told Your Healthy Living. "I'll have a veggie omelet for breakfast, for lunch I might have a chicken salad and maybe I'll have a Thai green curry for dinner. I make everything from scratch and I make sure that I have plenty of vegetables. At the weekend I'm very chilled out. I love food and I think it's there to be enjoyed. If I fancy a pizza or a bowl of pasta then I'll have it. That's what works for me – being strict during the week and a bit more relaxed at the weekend."


Taking Walks

Mecklenburgh loves being outside as much as she can. "As any new mum and ones looking after toddlers will know, it can be exhausting," she told Women's Fitness. "So, keeping fit helps with everything from fighting off the baby blues to encouraging you to get dressed and go out. Walking with a buggy or getting a change of scenery and some fresh air really helps you feel better about everything."


Small Steps, Big Results

Mecklenburgh advises anyone starting on their fitness journey to take small, sustainable steps. "People often end up vowing to train every day and cutting out too many things in their diets and that can be overwhelming," she told Your Healthy Living. "I say take baby steps and change just one thing at a time. Maybe start with trying out a new workout class or start doing a daily walk. Getting a workout buddy can really help. Then, take a look at your diet. Cut down the amount of sugar you have in your tea and try to incorporate more fruit and vegetables. Little changes can make a huge difference."

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