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Lyzabeth Lopez in Workout Gear Says "Boost Your Upper Body Gains"

“Boost your upper body gains!"

Lyzabeth Lopez is a fitness coach. She shares a lot of workout posts on Instagram. In April, she shared some of her favorite upper body workouts. In the video, Lopez is seen doing an over and back shoulder exercise with a resistance band. She captioned the post, "Boost your upper body gains! But before you hit those weights, let's talk shoulder mobility. Here's why it's crucial: Prevent Injury: Improving shoulder mobility reduces the risk of strains and injuries during upper-body workouts. Enhance Range of Motion: Better mobility means better form, allowing you to target muscles more effectively. Improve Performance: With increased mobility, you can lift heavier weights and perform exercises with greater ease and control."


She Uses Kettlebells

Lopez loves using kettlebells to workout. In this Instagram video, she is seen doing kettlebell swings and squats. Lopez captioned the post, "Here's why kettlebells should be in every home 'Booty Building' toolkit! To sculpt those glutes effectively, you need a weight that challenges you during exercises like squats and deadlifts. But let's face it, not everyone has space for hefty gym gear like squat racks and barbells. A heavy kettlebell (just one, held with both hands) can step in for quality squats and deadlifts."


She Does Yoga

Lopez likes to practice yoga to stay in shape. She shared this video on Instagram of herself doing poses. Lopez captioned the post, "Combining yoga 1-2 times a week with my regular resistance training and HIIT 1-2 times a week has become a combination that is causing me to see new changes again. I am notably experiencing better flexibility and sleep. I'm also aware of the detox benefits of sweating and stress relief, among other benefits."


She Makes Wellness A Priority

Lopez makes sure to make exercise and wellness a priority in her life. She talked about this in the caption of this Instagram post. "We must make health & wellness a priority in our lives and we can help! As a busy mom of a 5 year old running multiple businesses and a household while trying to stay healthy and fit, I can say, I understand the need for an easy to follow program with accountability and great community support for today's modern woman."


She Runs On The Treadmill

Lopez likes to run on the treadmill to stay in shape. She shared this video of herself doing so on Instagram. She captioned the post, "Official Start Date: Now!! 3 month challenge!! Results you want fast, training 3-5 days a week at home or at the gym we have you covered 🙂 With inflation everywhere in these tough times I've created a cost friendly program that gives you everything you need to reach your fitness goals."


She Does HIIT

Lopez likes to do high-intensity interval training. She shared this video on Instagram of herself doing HIIT on a bike. She captioned the post, "Just smashed a quick assault bike session – proof that you don't need hours to see results! 💪HIIT is my go-to for supercharging fat loss in minimal time. Alternating between intense bursts and rest periods keeps that metabolism on fire, torching calories even post-workout."

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