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Mabel Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Ur My Lobster"

Here’s how this singer is thriving.

Singer Mabel McVey is having a fun-filled holiday in hot and sunny Ibiza, Spain. The 27-year-old daughter of Swedish singer-songwriter Neneh Cherry shared some pictures of herself having the time of her life on the island, including snaps where she's posing on a beach towel in a brown bikini, holding a giant lobster. "Ur my lobster 🦞❤️," she captioned the post.  How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Mabel stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Exercise For Insomnia

Mabel has occasional insomnia, and finds exercise is an incredibly effective way of dealing with it. "Exercise is actually the best thing for me," she says. "Not going crazy and doing like an hour and a half of cardio, but just moving and getting going. The endorphins will make me feel more awake than sleeping an extra hour in the morning. If I just got for a run. But yeah the sleeping thing is so frustrating."


She's An Ex-Vegan


Mabel gave up on a vegan diet when she realized it just wasn't working for her. "I tried it and it gets really hard when you're traveling," she says. "I found that I was eating more unhealthy this year when we started traveling and being vegan. Because you kind of just end up eating loads of carbs. Then I realized that actually it's really important to be feeding yourself and get the right amount of protein, especially when you're not sleeping. Your diet is really important and I realized I could eat healthier if I occasionally ate some fish. It had just been another one of those things where I was just so determined to not quit."


She's a Role Model


Mabel is passionate about being a good role model. "I try to lift up as many other women as I can because I know how powerful that has been for me," she says. "I am also trying to have as many females in the room as possible. I try to just see [race or gender] as not being things that define me or my journey. I get up every day and get on with it. And I enter every room as powerfully as I can."


Outdoorsy Habits

Mabel credits her dogs and horse with encouraging her to develop healthy outdoor habits. "I was like, OK, I need a bit of emotional support, so I got her [a greyhound called Tahini] to come on my last tour with me. She was amazing," she says. "It was a nice reminder like, cool – she needs to go outside for a walk, so let's go outside and get some air. It gave me a good sense of routine. Some of my favorite memories of this year have been riding my horse. I'll ride my horse and take my dogs, and they'll run next to the horse, and after that we'll go to the studio – and I go in with this super calm mindset, which has been so life-altering."


Mindful About Meat

Mabel may not be a vegan anymore, but she still cares deeply about the environment. "Now I'm in a place where I'm conscious, and that's the most important thing," she says. "So I guess if you spread more awareness of that, you don't have to be vegan or vegetarian, but even if you just do meatless Mondays, have less dairy or know where the meat you're buying is from – just be more conscious."

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