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Made in Chelsea Star Louise Thompson Shares Swimsuit Photos of "Feel Good" Outfits

Here are her top diet and fitness tips.

Louise Thompson is getting outfit input from her followers – in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts the Made in Chelsea star asks her followers to weigh in on her vacation outfit choices. "Having a little snoop through some holiday photos and selecting a few of my favorite 'feel-good' outfits. Pick your persona, aka, what would you wear?" she captioned the Instagram gallery. Many of her followers selected her bathing suit photo as their top choice – and how can you blame them? The actress looks amazing. If you want to achieve her fitness success, follow her diet and fitness tips compiled by Celebwell. 


Do Strength Training

Louise's first tip? Hit the gym. The star exercises three times a week, giving her body time to recover in between sessions. "I love strength training because it's really slow, it's basically a lazy person's workout and I'm quite lazy, I like to take my time in between sets and load up on weights," she told Cosmopolitan.


Take Classes


Louise also takes lots of classes, including HIIT classes and yoga, which she claims she is "not so good at," but has improved at. "In the beginning I couldn't even do a downward dog though!" she told Cosmo. 


Pay for Fitness

Louise Thompson/Instagram

Louise claims  that making a financial commitment to fitness motivates her to show up. "I pay for classes like nidra yoga, which is basically just lying on my bedroom floor half-asleep, but is a form of self-care I'd not usually find time to factor into my day," she told Cosmo. 


Don't Skip Breakfast


Louise is all about breakfast. She loves a bowl of porridge and a black coffee in the morning, a protein brownie and skinny cookie, or a fruit salad with kiwi, banana and strawberries, she told Cosmopolitan.


Avoid Snacking

Louise Thompson/Instagram

Louise eats big meals. "I try not to snack too much in between meals and just have large portions instead. I often intermittent fast but, lately, I've been having three big meals a day. I wake up around 5am and have lots of cups of herbal tea, usually ginger or chamomile. Around 10am, I'll have a vanilla protein shake with a banana. Lunch is usually a big chicken salad. In the evening, I'll make something like salmon with breadcrumbs on top," she told Closer.

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