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Madison Beer in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says Hi From "Florida"

Beer shared a set of photos of herself in Florida on Instagram.

Madison Beer is a very successful singer. Her first break was singing songs for the Monster High franchise. Her songs include "Selfish", "Good In Goodbye", "Reckless", and "Dead." Beer shared a set of photos of herself in Florida on Instagram. In them, she wore a set of two-piece workout gear. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Madison Beer stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Takes Care Of Her Skin Morning & Night

Beer shared her morning and night skincare routine with Byrdie. "My nighttime routine is more intense than my morning routine. Usually, in the morning, I'll use my Panoxyl face wash ($10), moisturizer, and a lightweight SPF to do the trick. At night it's much more intensive, and I treat it more as self-care and 'me time.' If I'm wearing makeup, I'll do a double-cleanse with my Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil ($50), apply a serum or treatment, and layer on my Dewy Skin Cream ($70)."


She Learned About Skincare

In order to help with her acne, Beer decided to learn more about skincare. "My skin has been something I've been trying to understand for years, and it's only recently that I feel I've really figured it out," she told Byrdie. "My skin is happy when it's moisturized and taken care of. I've really prioritized nourishing it, and have been rewarded because of it.  I got into skincare because, around the age of 19, I was suddenly dealing with pretty aggressive acne—painful and large bumps that wouldn't go away no matter what I did. After trying to understand and tame that for years, I really feel I've gotten to a place where I understand."


She Keeps Her Skin Moisturized

Beer tells Byrdie that one of her biggest skincare secrets is keeping it moisturized. "I used to think that because I had acne, it meant I needed to dry my skin out as much as possible, which now I realize only made my acne flare up more. I was working against myself a lot until I figured it out. I realize how important it is to be in touch with my skin and what it needs. Now I'm more focused on hydration and moisture so I can look glowy."


She Winds Down


Beer shared her favorite ways to unwind in an interview with Refinery29. "My favorite way to wind down and end the day is with a hot bath. Today I'm using lavender essential oils and some Epsom salt to make for a really relaxing soak. I also usually light candles and listen to music to help myself unwind. Right now, I'm really into the new Tame Impala album, mixed with some classics like The Everly Brothers and The Beatles. I also take this time to reflect on the day and meditate. Just like it's important to check in with loved ones when times are tough, it's equally as important to check in with yourself. I take stock of my emotions and let myself feel them. When things feel too overwhelming, I practice a breathing exercise my therapist taught me, which always helps to ease my anxiety: Take a deep breath, hold it for five seconds, then release the air, along with any negative thoughts you're holding on to."


She Calls Out Haters

In her Refinery29 interview, Beer called out people who leave negative comments. "I'm feeling particularly deflated by the hate and negativity I've seen on TikTok. It's been a great and fun tool for me to connect with my fans through — but there are so many pages filled with mean comments. It breaks my heart. Commenting negatively on anyone's weight or looks just isn't right, and I hate that it's become something that is so normalized. I believe people who post mean comments often don't even consider the consequences that might result from them. It's so critically important to be kind to one another, especially when dealing with a crisis like COVID-19. It just really makes you question humanity. It's an issue I'll continue to be vocal about."

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