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Maria Menounos In Yoga Gear Says "Move Your Body, Friends!"

“I’m making sure to get my morning movements here in the DR 🧘‍♀️."

Maria Menounos is on a healing trip to the Dominican Republic, sharing highlights with her 1.1 million Instagram followers. Menounos, 45, posted a video of herself wearing pink yoga pants and a white shirt, doing her exercises against a lush rainy landscape. "I'm making sure to get my morning movements here in the DR 🧘‍♀️. It was rainy so I had to do them here rather than in the sunrise like normal, but still facing the sun to get as much of it as possible through the clouds. Love starting my day with moving my body… It helps increase blood flow and gives me an energy boost! You can do any type of movement or exercise, this is my routine that my friend @loroxburgh taught me 🙂 So calming so I start the day on the right foot, even in the rain LOL. Move your body friends! ❤️," she captioned the post. Here's how the star protects her health and wellness.


Vibrant Life

Menounos has a new appreciation for life after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2023. "My secret to being vibrant is that I love life and I love people and I love trying things," she told New You. "I am not afraid to try new things and explore and fail. I don't like failing, but I'll still try everything. I just feel like life is so precious, so we must really enjoy every second because you just don't know what's around the corner. I've gone through those moments where I've been on the cliff being like, 'are we going to be okay?' God has blessed me at every turn, and I've been okay."


Protein and Vegetables

Menounos makes sure to finish her last meal of the day before sunset. "I eat really, really clean," she told New You. "I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last summer, and I have my dad as a really great role model. He's had it for over 50 years. He's 79 and he's outside helping me build a guest house right now in 106 degree weather. He's a beast. I focus on protein and vegetables – clean, clean eating. I had a few fries today- don't tell anybody, but for the most part, very clean eating and not too much water, but making sure I stay hydrated."


Gentle Skincare

Menounos stays away from laser facials, preferring a more non-invasive approach to her skin. "Skin-care wise I have to say I really love Dr. Jason Diamond's Metacine skin-care line," she told New Beauty. "I got an early stash from him and my skin's been glowing. And I've gone through so much hell in the early part of the year, so I was like, 'Do I look like it?' I don't. I really love his new products. I have a hard time with lasers, they scare me. I've done it before, the laser where your face is red for a week. I could never do that again. I love Dermalogica facials. They are the only facials that don't freak me out. I do that about twice a year, but I really just do my stuff at home."


Wine and Meditation

Menounos loves to unwind by quiet time with family and meditation. "We often break out a game of Uno with a glass of wine," she told New Beauty. "My dad and everyone in the house are always up for some fiercely competitive games; it's a great way to unwind. Personally, I love relaxing in the hot tub or meditating, that really helps me as well. I love going for a walk with my dogs. To me just being out in nature really helps me reconnect and get regrounded. Motion equals emotion, so, whenever you're not feeling well just get out and start moving. It makes you feel better instantly."


Yoga In the Yard

Menounos swears by regular yoga sessions to keep her looking and feeling good. "I've been practicing for almost five years," she told Outside. "I don't attend classes because I don't have time to commute, but I often do yoga bedside or in my front yard, even if it's for 10 minutes. I do what I can with the time I have. I find it helps my day go smoother if I do it first thing in the morning."

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