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Maria Shriver In Workout Gear Marches For Brain Health With the Family

Here’s how she keeps her mind sharp.

Maria Shriver spent her weekend raising awareness for a very good cause through MOSH, the brain health and wellness brand she set up with son Patrick Schwarzenegger. Shriver, 68, took part in a charity march with her son and daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger who was also present. Wearing purple yoga pants and a white sweatshirt, Shriver warmed up before walking in Santa Monica with the group. Shriver is passionate about health and wellness—here's how she stays mentally and physically sharp.


Black Coffee and Pilates


Shriver starts her day with strong black coffee and usually oatmeal and/or eggs. "I work out after I meditate in the morning and sit in silence for a while," she told Fortune. "I mix up my routine quite a bit between Pilates, strength training, balance work, the treadmill or Lifecycle exercise bike. Sometimes it's just walking, which I love doing the most."


Evening Walks

Shriver says movement is key to mental health and happiness. "The best thing I can do for my mood — and my brain! — is to move regularly," she told First For Women. "If I'm having a bad day or I'm feeling stressed, I'll hop on my bike and go for a ride or take a walk. Moving always has such a dramatic effect on the way I feel, so I try to exercise twice a day. I do something aerobic in the morning, but I love to take a walk to clear my head in the evening. I find that I'll walk out the door feeling one way and walk back in feeling completely different. It resets my outlook."


The Gut-Brain Axis

Shriver is a big proponent for gut health and the gut-brain connection. "The importance of paying attention to caring for your body when you're young has huge benefits in the long run," she told Prevention. "Focusing on your gut and brain health when you're young is so helpful and has such huge benefits on how you feel as you get older. What you do for your gut, for your brain, for your whole body in your 20s, 30s, and 40s will impact how you age and how you feel in your 60s, 70s, and beyond."


Brain Aging

Maria Shriver/Instagram

Shriver is passionate about brain health and keeping her mind sharp. "During the pandemic stay-at-home orders, I learned about succulents and gardened with my daughters," she told First For Women. "I also recently learned to play poker, and I'm now learning mahjongg. I also like to challenge my brain by brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand and instead of relying on technology to navigate a trip or to speed-dial a phone number, I try to memorize directions and phone numbers — it really works!"


Sleep Health

Maria Shriver/Instagram

Shriver knows how important sleep is not just for brain health but for overall wellness. "A good night's sleep is so important for your overall health," she told First For Women. "It helps your brain clear out the trash in order to better process and stay healthy. For me personally, prayer before bedtime is a wildly helpful and calming way to getting sounder sleep. I also pray before I get out of bed every morning and meditate before having my coffee. It keeps my stress down all day!"

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