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Megan Roup in Two-Piece Workout Gear Gets Sculpted

“Making time for movement 🫶."

Megan Roup is a celebrity trainer, and she is the founder of The Sculpt Society. Her clients include, Rachael Harris, Dakota Johnson, and Miranda Kerr. Roup shared a workout video on Instagram last week. In it, she is seen doing things like leg circles and hip thrusts. Roup captioned the post, "Making time for movement 🫶 I am a firm believer that less really can be more when it comes to your workout routine."


She's Consistent

Roup makes sure to be consistent with workouts. In the caption of the Instagram post, she talked about the importance of this. "It's so much better to build a sustainable habit than to push yourself too hard and burn out. I commit to shorter and more effective workouts so I can consistently show up, even on days when I'm feeling tired or unmotivated."


She Works Her Lower Body

Roup shares a lot of her favorite workouts on Instagram. In this video with Miranda Kerr, she shared her favorite lower body workouts. They are seen doing fire hydrant kick backs, leg circles, and leg lifts. Roup captioned the post, "How I train supermodel and @koraorganics founder & CEO @mirandakerr 💪🏻 Try these @thesculptsociety booty exercises on the right side and repeat on the left!"


She Doesn't Use Equipment

Roup doesn't always need equipment to workout. She shared this equipment-free full-body workout on Instagram. In it, she's seen doing mountain climbers and jumps. Roup captioned the post, "Traveling this summer? The NEW on-demand 20 min full body uses NO equipment and is the perfect combo of sculpt and dance cardio! Have you tried it yet? If it's a favorite, make sure to use the 'favorite' feature to come back to workouts you love on TSS."


She Cooks

Roup likes to cook. She shares a lot of healthy recipes on Instagram. In this post, she made overnight oats. "Quick, easy and delicious! These PB&C (Peanut Butter and Chocolate) Overnight Oats have been my go-to recently on busy weeks. I love @califiafarms Organic Oatmilk because it's organic and has no oils or gums. Plus it's so creamy, especially in these overnight oats. The perfect way to get a head start on your day!"


She Does Dance Cardio

Roup is a big fan of dance cardio. She talked about her love of it in the caption of this Instagram post. "I grew up thinking I needed to spend hours on a treadmill or an elliptical and I hated every second of it. Can anyone else relate? Dance cardio has truly shifted my relationship with cardio into a fun one! I now look forward to an uplifting, mood boosting, release I experience when I incorporate dance cardio into my weekly routine. I also intentionally keep my dance cardio classes simple so that all levels feel successful."

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