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Melissa Ordway in Two-Piece Workout Gear Does First Cold Plunge

"I made it 1 min!!!"

Melissa Ordway is taking the plunge in her workout clothes. In a new social media post the Young and the Restless star shows off her incredible body while chilling out in some cold water. "My very first #coldplunge 🥶@jmichaelgaston didn't think I'd actually do it (actually, I didn't think so either) but thanks to @cheneybeshara and @jamesjbeshara cheering me on, I made it 1 min!!! I can't wait to do it again! #icandothis," she captioned the Instagram video. How does she approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 



Melissa is the owner of a Peloton. "It hasn't been used [in the past]," she shares, "but I'm trying to use it every single day. You can either do a bike class or a cycle class — there are all different kinds of workouts," she told Soap Hub.


Intermittent Fasting


Ordway told Soap Hub that she is a fan of intermittent fasting and keeps gluten to a minimum. "I feel that being consistent [helps]," she says. "They say if you can stay on a consistent path for a certain length of time, that you can stick with it. As soon as I miss one day, the whole thing can fall apart." 


No Crash Diets

"I tried going on diets, or saying, I'm only gonna eat healthy this week and eat salads, or I'm gonna go on a juice cleanse, and I last like half a day," she told Food Republic. "I find it important to eat what I want and then go to the gym and run on the treadmill. I'm lucky that I can do that so I don't have to do some crazy diet. I just try and do outdoorsy things and keep active. My favorite food from the time I was born until this day is macaroni and cheese. I love mac and cheese, fried catfish, fried chicken, green beans and collard greens. Anything that is deep fried I will probably love. Cheeseburgers, baby back ribs. Chicken pot pie is one of my favorite foods. But macaroni and cheese tops the list. I love it so much."



Melissa loves hiking. "I think just finding things you love to do," she told She Knows. "I'm not a big workout class person but I love doing things with my family like hiking and just finding activities you enjoy, that you are going to be excited about going to do … Just being active and doing things you love."


Cold Plunge

In her latest post, Melissa takes a cold plunge. There is limited research supporting the benefits of cold plunges, which may include easing sore muscles, bringing body temperature down, increased focus, improved sleep, and decreased inflammation, per the Cleveland Clinic. However, a 2021 study found that cold water immersion therapy promotes basic post-sport recovery.

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