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Melissa Satta Shares Bikini Photo Blowing a Kiss From a Yacht

Here’s how this model stays fit.

Melissa Satta is comforting boyfriend Matteo Berrettini after his Wimbledon loss by escaping on a vacation to Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. The model and TV presenter, 37, shared pictures of their trip, including snaps of her posing in a purple bikini on a luxury yacht. The couple were accompanied on the trip by Satta's son Maddox, and their friends. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Satta stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Active Lifestyle


Satta grew up being active simply as part of her lifestyle. "I've always done everything: I played soccer, I did karate at a competitive level for a few years—I trained every day and therefore perhaps that more than the rest shaped my body," she says. "Then I went mountain biking, rollerblading, I did horse riding. As a child I really did everything and having grown up in Sardinia I had the opportunity to be surrounded by nature and to do many sports that perhaps would have been more complicated in the city."


No Dieting


Satta doesn't restrict herself when it comes to her diet. "I've never dieted, but I'm very careful about what I eat," she says. "I try to buy only healthy foods, even more so since my son was born, and I'm very attentive to where the food comes from, to the fact that it's real food and not stuffed with strange compounds or additives. I am a big lover of carbohydrates, so I eat a lot of them. In general I don't like sweets, I only eat if I get up very early, and then maybe I compensate for the sleep loss with sugar, or maybe on Sundays, when I like to have brunch, with bread and eggs, avocado and Philadelphia cheese."


Feel Good, Look Good


Satta believes inner happiness impacts outer appearance. "I believe that there is a strong correlation between one's mood and physical appearance: being serene and happy is the basis of everything," she says. "And then, like every woman, I don't hide that I have many little secrets. One of the first rules to respect is to eat well. Following a healthy diet is essential for being fit. With this, however, I do not mean that I advise everyone to stay on a permanent diet. Also because crash diets don't work in my opinion."


Varied Workouts

Satta mixes up her exercise routine depending on her mood. "By doing several different sports you train all the muscles," she says. "With cycling for example the lower part is trained much more than the upper, as with horse riding, while tennis they say you develop one part more than the other. But I think that varying [workouts] is the best method, based on one's nature and the fact that it should be first of all a pleasure. I wakeboard in the summer, for example, while during the year the city imposes different activities on me: gym, CrossFit, boxing, tennis."


Sports As Therapy

Satta doesn't just workout to look good—it has therapeutic benefits for her as well. "Another fundamental thing is to practice physical activity," she says. "I always train and I train with pleasure. For me, sport is an outlet and it relaxes me. Especially after an intense day of work."

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