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Michelle Heaton in Orange Workout Gear Supports Charity Burpee Challenge 

Here are her fitness tips.

Singer and presenter Michelle Heaton is encouraging fans to work out for a charitable cause. Heaton, who shot to fame with pop group Liberty X, shared a video of herself wearing an orange tank top and black leggings at the gym, holding a jump rope in her hands. "Together with David Lloyd Clubs, I'm supporting the BBC Children in Need Bearpee challenge and I'm encouraging you to do the same!" she captioned the post. Heaton has turned her life around over the past few years—here's what her wellness and fitness regimen looks like.


Workout After School Run

Heaton works out after dropping kids Faith and AJ off at school. "I love the way exercise makes me feel," she told OK!. "It clears my mind, gives me an outlet to channel frustrations and cope with stress. It just allows me to be the best version of myself. After going to the gym, I feel like I've got mental clarity and everything flows better in life. In fact, I'm even nicer to my husband and kids afterwards!"


Sober Life


Heaton lives a sober life, and is thrilled with the freedom and health benefits of no longer drinking alcohol. "Without alcohol, I'm not clouded anymore," she told OK!. "I have control of my life again. "Plus, when I was drinking it was a cycle of horrible hangovers and eating rubbish. I know I have an alcohol problem and addiction, but exercise really helps keep me on track."


The 70/30 Rule

Heaton's diet is based on maintenance with more freedom on the weekends. "I very rarely slip up with my food in the house but I reward my hard work with date nights and eating out at weekends," she told MailOnline. "It's all a balancing act with maintenance, if you're good 70 per cent of the time you should enjoy the other 30 per cent. However, if weight loss is your goal then there's no 30 per cent margin – it's called a diet for a reason so you need to put in the hard work and have patience to lose weight effectively. It doesn't happen overnight."


Active Life and Mental Health

Heaton enjoys working out with husband Hugh Hanley. "Hugh and I do try to go together sometimes, though – it helps having a partner as it pushes you further," she told OK!." But exercise and nutrition are just such a big part of our lives. It helps with mental health, our sleep and, obviously, physically. Strength training is our favorite, whereas running on a cardio machine… not so much. It's so beneficial for helping to combat muscle wastage, especially as we all get older."


Her Parenting Mantra

Heaton has her own philosophy when it comes to child-raising. "I personally think what makes a good mom is patience, nurturing and listening to your child's wants and needs instead of imposing your own ways that you may have read about in a book – every child and family is different," she told MailOnline. "Every day is a challenge; you learn something new about your children or parenting or even yourself. It's challenging but rewarding all at the same time as you see these beautiful people growing up before your eyes. I love learning about my children, it's fascinating."

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