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Michelle Heaton In Workout Gear Says "Come Train With Me"

“Calling all my menopausal women out there."

Singer and TV presenter Michelle Heaton is on a roll with her fitness routine. Heaton, 44, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a matching tank top, doing a strength training workout at the gym. "Calling all my menopausal women out there..👊❤️Come train with me … 🙏🏻Did you know that any exercise at all in menopause will help keep your weight from constantly fluctuating, helping lower stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which tend to show up liberally during and beyond menopause. No matter what you choose to do, something is better than nothing ladies! You got this 💯," she captioned the post. Here's how Heaton stays fit and full of energy.


Bright Workout Gear

Heaton knows how important the right exercise wear is for comfort during a workout. "As a busy mum, I sometimes wear gym stuff all day, so it has to look cool, feel good to the touch and be durable and comfy," she told Asda Good Living. "I think wearing brightly-colored clothing can lift your mood. Plus if you're in a large exercise class, it makes it easier to spot yourself in the mirror and correct your positions. Wear the right sports bra for the exercise you do. For yoga, I wear a bra that leaves me free to do more, then one with more support for interval training and weights."


Small Workouts When Possible

Heaton fits in smaller workouts when she doesn't have time for her regular routine. "No time to work out? Find ways to fit exercise into your daily routine," she told Asda Good Living. "You don't have to do it all in one go – you could try lunges as you can vacuum then star jumps whilst you're watching TV. A few mini-workouts a day will add up. One of the best ways that I stay motivated is by leaving my gym equipment out so that I can see it. So it's always in my trail of thought – no excuses!"


Early Morning Workouts

Heaton arranges her workouts around her children—the earlier in the day, the better. "I try my very best to go to the gym four or five times a week," she told Your Healthy Living. "I force myself to work hard there because I know I haven't got long and I have to get back to the kids. I tend to get up really early and get there for about 6 a.m. before the kids wake up. I like to keep fit… I'm noticing that my metabolism is slowing down and I can't eat all the things I want to eat any more. I like to try and look my best because it makes me happy."


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream


Heaton is a big fan of cult beauty product Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. "I always like to have Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream handy because it has so many uses," she told Closer. "I use it as a lip balm, for cuts and grazes, I even use it on my hair, and it's perfect for moisturizing skin when you're on a flight. It's always in my bag. I also use it on Faith [her daughter] when she grazes her skin, it's really handy."


Home Cooked Whole Foods

Heaton likes to cook at home from scratch. "We stay away from processed or starchy foods," she told Your Healthy Living. "A typical day at home would begin with a smoothie made with blueberries and protein powder, then lunch would be an egg white omelet with a side salad and our evening meal would be some sort of protein with plenty of vegetables. I might have Greek yoghurt or a protein bar for a snack. We try to eat organic sometimes but as it can be expensive, it depends on our budget for the week."

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