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Michelle Lewin in Workout Gear Shows "2014 Vs 2023" Fitness Selfies  

Here are her diet and workout tips.

Fitness model Michelle Lewin is showing fans and followers what a difference a decade makes when it comes to fitness (spoiler alert, she's only looking better every year). Lewin, 37, shared side-by-side fitness selfies, wearing a sports bra and athletic bikini bottoms in both. "2014 Vs 2023. Which one do you like the most? In 2014 I was preparing for Bikini category bodybuilding competitions. I weighed about 117 Lb 😳 And this year 2023 I became a Mom. 9 months Post cesarean section, and I weigh about 141 Lb." Here's what Lewin's workouts look like.


Healthy Curves

Lewin is proud of her strong yet curvy physique, and hopes others are inspired by her looks to also try strength training. "I have healthy curves," she tells Muscle & Fitness. "I am proud to be a part of how the body ideal is changing from skinny to fit. I try to be the best version of me to inspire others."

Here is her workout routine breakdown, as told to the publication:

Monday: Quads, glutes

Tuesday: Back, biceps

Wednesday: Abs, calves

Thursday: Triceps, shoulders

Friday: Glutes, hamstrings


Choose Good Carbs


Lewin doesn't deviate from her diet and exercise plan even on the road. "When you travel you tend to deviate from going to the gym," she tells PEOPLE. "I'm really careful with what I order at restaurants or hotels. It's not like I'm home and can cook a healthy meal, but you can still order healthy options. What you eat is 70 percent of it. Nutrition is so important. Your body is a motor and you have to fill it with good fuel. Choose good carbs like sweet potato and brown rice rather than pizza or pasta."


Daily Workouts

Lewin recommends working out for half an hour to an hour daily. "Sometimes you lose your motivation and don't want to exercise or diet," she tells PEOPLE. "That's when discipline has to kick in. You have to do it anyway! I go rollerblading, I do weight training. You have to give your body different workout routines to shake it up, so it doesn't get stuck."


One Rest Day


Lewin takes one rest day a week. "I train six days a week. I do cardio in the morning for 45 minutes and weights every evening," she tells Iron Man. I do all muscle groups once per week, but I focus mostly on glutes and abs, which I train twice a week. I stopped lifting weights for my legs since I had so much size already. I don't ever train my chest because it puts a lot of pressure on my breast implants. Over the last four months, I stopped training triceps because they were starting to get overdeveloped, so I'll just do some toning once a month. I really don't like to take rest days, but I do once a week."


Strength Training For Life

Strength training changed Lewin's life, both physically and mentally. "I wanted to gain weight and ate so much but couldn't do it. Then I started to train at the gym and started to like the results I saw in the mirror," she tells PEOPLE. "This is a lifestyle for me. Exercise is something that I need to do every day, like brushing my teeth in the morning. It makes me feel good, strong, motivated. It takes you to another level of self-esteem. It helps you physically and mentally, it really improves your health."

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