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Millie Bobby Brown Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Santa Tell Me"

Here are her top lifestyle habits.

Millie Bobby Brown is celebrating the holiday season in her swimsuit. In a recent social media post, the Stranger Things star shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while vacationing in the tropics. "Santa tell me," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps. "She ain't a 10 she 11," one of her millions of followers commented. How does the young actress approach health and wellness? Celebwell rounded up some of her top lifestyle habits. 


Weight Lifting

Strength training helps Millie stay in shape. Per Seventeen, in one of her Instagram Stories she perfectly executed knee-to-chest reps, an arm routine, and also did ab work. 




Millie loves to exercise by fighting. "It's not a training workout. I train to box," she told Vulture. "Obviously I don't want to do it professionally. But I have done some inter-clubs before. It's at Phoenix MMA U.K., down in London. It's a great gym, and I have lots of friends. Because I'm homeschooled, I get kind of lonely sometimes. So I like to go to the gym. I do Thai boxing Mondays, jujitsu Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Wednesdays I do boxing with Mark. He was a world champion at one point. I absolutely love it. I actually have a punching bag right outside in my garden. I'm obsessed with working out. I eat like a pig so it kind of makes up for that."



According to Brown, "wintertime is all about staying inside and self-care," she told Eating Well. "I journal, I read, I'm drinking lots of water. I'm taking care of my skin care, I really value that time of staying in and being with myself: taking baths and hydrating my skin. I've always valued that, but I definitely do it more when it's wintertime, especially because my skin gets so dry in the winter."


Aerial Silk

"I love aerial silks. It's always been a passion of mine," Millie told Glamour UK. "So I find using aerial silks really fun and therapeutic – it gives me a break from the world. And you find art within it. While I was doing it, I thought, gosh, the silks in so many ways represent womanhood: there's strength, both masculinity and femininity, and you can create poses and shapes that are so different to show your sexuality," she continued. "It represents so much: you can be big and you can be tiny and you can be afraid of the silk. You can be afraid of the height you are going at. You can be afraid of how low you are. And so it represents a story."


Healthy Snacking


"I like dried mango. Dried mango is always a favorite, and I always think of it as an energy booster," Millie told Eating Well when asked about her favorite healthy snacks. "I'm not somebody who eats a lot of candy, so for me, when I'm needing that sugar boost, dried mango is always something I go to. And I love carrots. Usually midday, I will take a break, eat some carrots and drink iced water. That is my break within the day that I actually like and really look forward to."



Brown maintains that hydration is a good tool for balancing her hormones. "When I drink water when I have acne, it's literally [my] best pimple repair ever. And the best jet lag repair ever! I actually was doing an event once and I said, 'Oh, I might need a coffee. I'm really going to fall asleep.' My close friend said, 'Just drink a bottle of water.' And I said, 'You want me to drink a bottle of water? That's not going to wake me up.' But I drank the bottle of water and it truly woke me up. I felt better and I think that was a huge lesson for me. So now all I do is drink water, and it actually is my coffee!" she told Eating Well. 



"I love yoga," Brown told Eating Well about her favorite workout. "As somebody who suffers with anxiety, I really like yoga and the Zen space that you're able to create for yourself. That kind of meditation and calmness I really like, so I've always gravitated more towards yoga as a physical exercise."

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