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Millie Court Shares Swimsuit Photo With a "Shoutout to My Man"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Love Island star Millie Court is enjoying a sun-soaked vacation in Orlando, Florida. Court shared pictures of herself posing next to an outdoor fire pit, wearing a bright pastel-colored bikini and sunglasses while holding a cocktail. "Shoutout my man in the background 🤪," she captioned the post, referring to an innocent holiday goer lounging in the sun in the background of her pictures. "Millie in Orlando 🤭🙌🏻🙌🏻," a fan commented. How does the reality star stay fit and happy? Here are 5 ways she's living her best life.


Adult Acne Issues

Court is open about battling adult acne, something she only recently felt she had under control. "I suffered from acne about a year and a half ago and then I started to work with a skin aesthetician, who helped me to find my skincare routine and helped me to start dealing with the breakouts," she says. "Now that my acne has gone, we are on more of a journey to find the right products; doing treatments like microneedling once a month to deal with the scarring. I am so happy with the outcome because the difference from what it was to now is just incredible."


Learning To Be Confident

Court has found the attention since leaving Love Island overwhelming, but is learning to be more confident. "Going through the whole process of Love Island and coming out, I thought I was a really, really confident person, and now I'm in this industry where you meet so many confident people," she says. Don't get me wrong, I'm still definitely a confident person, but I realized actually I do get quite shy, I can get nervous at these big events. It made me realize I am maybe not as confident as I thought."


Sunscreen Every Day


Court is diligent about using sunscreen after her experiences in the Love Island villa. "We were in the villa between July and August and it was very very hot," she says. "If the producers felt like you hadn't put enough [sun cream] on that day – they use the 'voice of God' to tell us that. The voice of God is a speaker that reaches across the whole villa, inside and out. The producers would shout out over the speaker, 'Guys can you top up your sunscreen?' We were very protected and went through bottles and bottles of sunscreen in there."


No Filters

Court wanted fans to see what her skin really looks like, so she posted unfiltered pictures on her social media. "As a girl who suffered with acne, looking on Instagram and seeing everyone with perfect skin, it can make you feel worse, can't it?" she says. "Because you're like, 'Why haven't I got skin like that?' I felt like it was important for me – as an acne sufferer – to show what my skin really looks like. I do edit my photos here and there, if I'm not having a confident day… I just want to show my skin doesn't always look like that. I get so many DMs [direct messages] after I post [about my skin] saying thank you, thanking me for posting it and [saying] they suffer with [acne] and it's made them feel better that day."


Therapy Sessions

Court sought out therapy after splitting from boyfriend Liam Reardon. "It was a lot and I felt like speaking to someone who had absolutely no idea who I was or what had happened and getting fresh eyes and ears on the situation to get their outlook on it," she says. "I found it really helpful to get their advice. Sometimes your parents can be quite biased because they know you and they want the best for you and their opinions are a bit skewed, so it's good to get a therapist's views on things."

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