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Millie Mackintosh In Pilates Gear Shares "Honest, Unfiltered" Side of Life

"I couldn't resist joining this trending conversation."

Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is showing fans at her "unfiltered" reality. Mackintosh, 34, shared a number of pictures giving insight into her daily life, including a gym selfie where the reality star is posing next to Pilates reformer machines in two-piece workout gear. "I'm very passionate about using my platform to show the honest, unfiltered side of life, motherhood and wellness, so I couldn't resist joining this trending conversation," she captioned the post. Here's how Mackintosh takes care of her health and happiness, inside and out.


Pilates and Yoga

Millie Mackintosh

Mackintosh works out for inner and outside benefits. "I really crave the endorphin rush from exercise," she told Goop. "I do strength sessions at the gym and take hot yoga or Karve Pilates classes. I also love the infrared sauna and started cryotherapy earlier this year, which I'm trying to do twice a week."


Habit Stacking

Mackintosh says "habit stacking" has changed her life. "Pinpointing a few things every morning sets my day up to succeed and has been a game-changer for me," she told Grazia. "Finding what works for you doesn't need to be complicated or have you spending hours of self contemplation in order to get going. Try reading with your legs up the wall or meditating with a face mask on. Just start small and simple, as you slowly build you'll find that the previous will guide you to the next stage and before you know it, the combination of small habits will have long-term positive impact."


Sober Party

Mackintosh lives a very happy sober life. "Some evenings I go out with girlfriends," she told Goop. "I've discovered so many great nonalcoholic alternatives. I love a virgin mojito with no sugar or a Remedy kombucha in a fancy glass with ice. Wild Idol, Three Spirit, and Noughty have really great-tasting options as well… I love to go [dancing]. Both ecstatic dance and 5Rhythms classes make me feel so unbelievably free."


Hair Oil Fan

Kérastase's Elixir Ultime Oil

Mackintosh uses hair oil to keep her tresses shiny and healthy. "Kérastase's Elixir Ultime Oil is a go-to for shiny, glossy hair, especially for red carpet events," she told SheerLuxe. "I use one pump on dry hair, massaged into my hands, and rubbed into the mid-lengths and ends for a healthy, sheeny finish."


Evening Routine

Mackintosh winds down at night with a lovely bath and her skincare routine. "I start my evening routine by nine so I can get my eight hours of sleep," she told Goop. "My favorite way to unwind is a long soak with these bath salts—so calming. Once I'm out of the bath, I lather on this body butter—it's so thick and hydrating. My skin craves it, especially during the colder months."


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