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Millie Mackintosh in Workout Gear Shares Expert Health Advice 

Here are her fitness and lifestyle tips.

Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is sharing the health and fitness tips and tricks that she swears by these days. Mackintosh, 34, posted a picture of herself doing a yoga pose in black leggings and a bright sweatshirt, giving fans some insight into her favorite takeaways from Mel Robbins' podcast. "@drgabriellelyon tells us eating more protein and doing strength exercises are key for staying healthy as we age. I eat protein with every meal and strength train 3-4 times per week, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall health and muscle gains compared to before I had children," she captioned the post. Here's how Mackintosh stays fit and strong.


Family Exercise

Mackintosh enjoys working out alone and with her family. "I do a mixture of Pilates and yoga and sometimes weight training," she told Your Healthy Living. "I also practice mindfulness and meditation every morning. My older daughter likes to join in. She'll come and sit next to me and she likes to copy me but she instantly gets the giggles so it can be a bit distracting! At the weekends we all go to the park and go on walks together. That's something that I did a lot in my childhood with my parents. I think getting fresh air and daylight is really helpful and important for our immunity as well as our mental health."


Food Prepping For the Family

Mackintosh loves making roast chicken at home with her family. "I eat a Paleo-style diet that's protein-focused, though I'm not super rigid with rules," she told Women's Health. "I'm focused on maintaining gut health, rather than fixing it, so I think a lot about what foods do for my body, the properties of what I'm eating and how I'll feel afterwards. In the week, I batch cook lunches, prepping a carb, protein, veggie for the week, like turkey meatballs, brown rice and steamed veg. That way I can throw it in the microwave and have a nutritious meal. I always have a post-training protein shake – usually it's berries, frozen berries, vegan protein powder, plant milk and nut butter, but it depends on my mood."


Probiotics For IBS

Mackintosh takes probiotics to help with the symptoms of her irritable bowel syndrome.  "The one thing that changed my gut health… was using probiotics," she told Women's Health. "I was told about them when I was first diagnosed with candida to re-balance my microbiome, but there wasn't really accessible brands on the market that were absorbed well and actually got results. My friend recommended Symprove to me when I was in my 20s and still suffering with IBS, mainly with a really swollen and sore stomach, but Symprove improved my bloating really quickly. I like the fact that it's just one shot, taken in the morning, so it is such an easy routine to stick with. Whenever I go without it, I notice such a difference."


Green Tea For Energy

Mackintosh switched from coffee to green tea for a more steady energy boost. "I've been reducing how much coffee I drink and I'm moving more towards drinking matcha," she told Your Healthy Living. "I'd started feeling a bit too reliant on my coffee and I was getting these energy crashes in the afternoon, so I decided it was time to cut down. I do have a sweet tooth though and we had a lot of cake in the house recently when it was my daughter's birthday! But I like to have a balanced approach when it comes to food. It's all about moderation."


Sober Life

Mackintosh no longer drinks alcohol, and is thrilled with the health benefits of sobriety. "I've just celebrated one year sober, and a large part of my decision to cut out alcohol came from the way it impacted my IBS," she told Women's Health. "After a couple of drinks, I'd have a really bad stomach ache and feel really nauseous, which wasn't helped by the fact that I'd eat all of the processed foods you crave when you're hungover. That was really hard for my body to take, especially as I wouldn't eat much of those foods normally and then I'd eat loads of them in one day."

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