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Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Star Tracy Tutor Shares Swimsuit Photo From French Riviera

The morning routine she swears by.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Tracy Tutor is accustomed to spending time in some of the most gorgeous real estate in the world—but even she was blown away by a trip to the south of France over the summer. Tutor enjoyed a magical vacation at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France, sharing pictures of herself posing on a dive board in a polka dot bikini against a gorgeous ocean background. "Vivre la bonne vie! Thank you @joshflagg1 for including me on your annual trip to @hotelducapedenroc It was exactly what I needed 💙💙💙🇫🇷 xo, TT," she captioned the post. Tutor seems to have endless energy to keep hitting her goals—here's how she does it.


Celery Juice Every Morning


Tutor swears by celery juice to start her day. "I wake up when it's still dark, pour myself a 16-ounce cup of celery juice, chug it, and make a cup of coffee," she says. "Then I am out on the treadmill doing anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes of cardio while I'm reviewing what my day looks like and checking in with my team (if they're awake.) Then I alternate between doing weight training and pilates. After I train, I head back to the house to shower, get ready, and start my workday."


Less Cardio, More Fat Burning

Tutor no longer sees cardio as the be all and end all of her workout routine. "When I was younger, I focused on more intense cardio–I thought it was about going as long and hard as possible," she says. "As I've gotten older, I've learned to focus on more fat burning and moderate intensity cardio–this allows me to eat what I want, drink what I want, and feel good in my body. It also keeps me from injuring myself or burning out, so that I can rebound and stay consistent, rather than hitting these intense physical peaks and valleys."


Weight Training

Tutor loves the results weight training give her. "I love to mix it up but what I have found with my body now is that I don't try to kill myself with anything too high intensity," she says. "I love weight training because you have to be mentally strong to push up weight beyond your comfort zone. I like that challenge. It's a time where I don't think about work or friends or family or stress. I focus on my goal for that hour and give it 100%."


Representing Women

Tutor is proud to represent women in a male-dominated industry. "I love women. I believe we are the stronger sex. Period," she says. "Mentally, emotionally, spiritually. We have unfortunately for centuries been told we are the weaker sex, so believing in our power, doesn't come naturally to us. I love that discussion and reminding women that they are all lions, they maybe just haven't heard their roar yet. We should listen to our intuition more. It's our greatest gift and trusting it, learning how to use it to our advantage and giving it a real voice is what separates us from our male counterparts."


Prioritizing Health

Tutor has learned how important health is over the past few years. "During Covid, my biggest lesson was learning to prioritize my health," she says. "I'm getting to the age where it's extremely important to get enough rest and make sure I get truly restorative sleep so that I can be effective throughout the day. I haven't nailed all the perfect habits–I know I should be turning off my phone well before bedtime–but I'm working on it!"

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