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Mira Rajput In Workout Gear Shares Gym Selfie With Shahid Kapoor

“People who workout together bond the most ❤️."

Indian influencer Mira Rajput knows the couple that lifts together, stays together. The wife of Shahid Kapoor shared a picture of herself wearing blue yoga pants and a white sports bra, posing at the gym with Kapoor flexing his biceps behind her. "You complete me 💪🏻🤪," she captioned the post. "People who workout together bond the most ❤️," a fan commented. Here's what Rajput's diet, exercise, and wellness regimen looks like.


Holistic Health

Rajput has a holistic approach to health and fitness. "For me, fitness is important in all aspects – mind, body, and soul," she told Indian Express. "It is a combination of working out, going for a walk, playing with kids, meditation, yoga. All of these things make you physically and mentally fit and sound."


Timeless Style

Rajput's style is simple and timeless. "I don't like following trends or have any interest in over-curated 'looks'. I like to keep my outfits comfortable and minimal and consider how often I can wear them when I'm buying them," she told Hello!. "Nowadays, I see many people buy clothes they wear for just an Instagram photo, not ones they could wear and be out and about. I like to buy fewer things, focusing on wearability and quality. My personal style is minimal, and since I enjoy jewelry, I accessorize with them."


Indian Spices


Rajput enjoys wholesome home cooking. "I have always been health-conscious, but with the pandemic, immunity and health have become more important than ever!" she told Indian Express. "My go-to spice for immunity-building is haldi. It is such a versatile ingredient and has been known for its immunity-building properties for centuries – it blends so well in any kadha. I ensure my family has immunity-boosting haldi-kadha daily – I believe it helps spice up our health from within and also the natural oils present in spices further add to their goodness."


Playing Piano

Rajput enjoys playing the piano as a fun and challenging hobby. "I started playing the piano again after 20 years, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy it," she told Hello!. "It's so fulfilling… I think everyone should have one hobby that gives them such happiness. Not something meant for others, but just themselves. It's like a part of me comes alive when I play the piano. I play by ear, but I'm learning technically again, so I can grasp new pieces quicker. Maybe one day, I can play for an audience!"


Importance Of Me-Time

Rajput believes me-time is crucial, not just for women. "Each person needs me-time to recharge," she told Indian Express. "But many times women are multitasking a lot more and amongst it all, we often forget to have me-time and that's when you realize you are snapping or your mood swings happen and you are not looking at yourself. Me-time allows you to maintain mental and physical balance, which is very important. It allows you to maintain a sense of equilibrium, helps to remain positive and happy."

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