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Miranda Kerr in Workout Gear Says "Let's Do This"

“Post baby workout,” she writes on Instagram Stories in her workout gear.

Miranda Kerr is back at the gym after welcoming baby number four. In a new social media post the supermodel shares that she has returned to her fitness routine, six weeks after giving birth to son, Pierre. "Post baby workout," she writes on Instagram Stories in her workout gear. "Let's do this." How does the former Victoria's Secret Angel approach diet and fitness? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits.


Nutrient-Filled Smoothies

Miranda revealed to Elle UK that she drinks a nutrient-filled smoothie daily. "That's my smoothie, it's really like…it's got all my vitamins in it. It's just like, coconut water with goji berries, chia seeds, maca powder, spirulina, cacao and then I get all my vitamins and open them and put it in there," she said. 


Lemon Water and Green Juice


"Hot water with lemon to start the day, it's really good and it stimulates the digestive systems," Miranda told Elle UK about another drink she starts her day with. "And then after that I have my cold-pressed green juice every day. And it has like kale, spinach, cucumber, celery."



Miranda believes in moving all day long – even while sitting down. "I would say to just stay active even if you're sitting at an office desk all day, like you can clench/tighten different parts of your muscles. I do it all the time when I'm in the car or on the way to the airport. And I'll be like, I'm doing this, or I'm squeezing my butt, doing the calf muscles, even do face exercises like this

," she told Elle UK. "Yeah. It helps to tighten the face. It's really weird. But it's good, I'll do all those different weird things. I think it's just important to stay moving, just get the blood flow pumping, it doesn't have to be strenuous. Just moving and exercising different parts of your body. Why not, right? I mean if you're sitting there, doing nothing, you have no other option. I mean you could also be listening to an audiobook at the same time, or music."



Miranda is a longtime yogi. "I've been practicing a mix of hatha and kundalini yoga for 15 years," she told Body & Soul. "Even if I just find 10 minutes to do a few sun salutations, that helps me to re-energise and stay balanced," she continued. "Hatha yoga has lots of restorative postures, like inversions, which are good to do post-flight. Kundalini works on a more energetic level. With kundalini you can use different types of breaths, like the 'Breath of Fire', to awaken the body."


Running, Pilates, Weight Training, Dance

Miranda Kerr/Instagram

Miranda doesn't discriminate when it comes to exercise. "I like to exercise every day, but I mix it up," Kerr told Body and Soul. "Sometimes I'll go for a walk or run, or I'll do Pilates or resistance training. I may even just put some music on and let Flynn dance around while I hold the plank position for 10 minutes to strengthen my core."

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