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MMA Star Claudia Gadelha In Workout Gear Is "Back and Stronger Than Ever"

"This comeback isn’t just about stepping back into the cage..."

MMA star Claudia Gadelha is making her grand return to the MMA world. Gadelha, 35, shared the news via an Instagram post of her sparring in shorts and a sports bra. "I'm thrilled to announce my official comeback to the MMA scene! After years of grinding different and newfound hobbies, the call of the octagon never truly left me. With a renewed sense of passion and purpose, I'm ready to put my gloves back on once again. This comeback isn't just about stepping back into the cage; it's about reclaiming my place among the best, pushing boundaries, and inspiring others to never give up on their dreams. So, get ready for an epic return to the action-packed world of MMA – I'm back and stronger than ever! 💪" she captioned the post. Here's how the fighter stays fit, strong, and ready to get back into the ring.


Rest and Recovery


Gadelha says her pre-match routine is based on recovery and a good diet. "I try to prioritize recovery today, more than when I was in Brazil, because I didn't know anything about it," she told Thorne. "All I did was go hard every day. The UFC PI has been teaching me a lot about recovery and now it's a must for me. I meditate for 5 to 10 minutes and write down my goals for my sessions I have during the day."


Big Brazilian Breakfast

Gadelha enjoys a big breakfast to fuel her training. "I love my breakfast, so I cook a very nice Brazilian breakfast every morning to be nourished for my hardest session, which is always in the a.m.," she told Thorne. "I love waking up to a nice cardio session, so even on my rest days, I wake up and go for a nice run or a high intensity session. I work out two to three times a day. Usually a strength and conditioning session and two technical sessions."


Healthy Lifestyle

Gadelha isn't interested in a "summer body"—she wants a strong body for all seasons. "Wherever I am in the world I will always find a place to go take care of my body and my mind," she captioned an Instagram post. "Gyms, yoga studios, healthy restaurants and outside activities are always in my search. Because my health is not a summer project, it's my lifestyle."


Workout Regimen

Gadelha genuinely loves working out. "I train 6 days per week, with 2-3 sessions per day," she told The Abs Company. "The training intensity goes up a lot in Fight Camp, with 3 hard sessions per day. I tend to do 75 percent cardio, and 25 percent strength training. I love to workout! It makes me feel so good during and after. I really feel satisfied after a good workout..and have that great feeling of accomplishment when I'm done.  I like to use the X3S to work my abs. I only do X3S type of movements for my ab training."


Tea and Supplements

Gadelha takes Thorne supplements as part of her health and wellness regimen. "I have been trying to learn new ways for helping my body and brain stop a little bit so I can rest, but my nonstop mindset can keep me away from a good night's sleep sometimes," she told Thorne. "I didn't care when I was younger, but now I know how important a good night of sleep is for my health and recovery, so I do everything I can to have a good night of sleep. I put my cell phone away, drink a hot tea, and take my Thorne Melaton-3 around 9 p.m. to be able to sleep at least eight hours every night."

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