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MMA Star Mariana Morais Shares Swimsuit Video in Sunshine

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Mariana Morais is one of the stars of MMA. She is a NCE Flyweight Champion, and was ranked #9 of Fight Matrix's 2020 Women's Featherweight list. Morais just shared a stunning new video on Instagram. In it, she posed in a black swimsuit by the pool. Morais captioned the post, "Claim it 🤍✨ if you see this I'm wishing u an amazing rest of the year." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Mariana Morais stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Gets Regular Check Ups

Morais shares a lot of her wellness secrets on Instagram. In this post, she shared some of her tips in the caption. Morais says that she makes sure to get regular check-ups to check if she's in good health, and to get ahead of any issues. "Regular blood work is so important to check your levels and know what's going on in your body routinely! Don't skip the doc apts, always better to be preventative."


She Loves Emsculpt

In her Instagram post about wellness, Morais shared one of her new favorite workouts. "Emsculpt NEO! I've heard all the rage about the benefits to spot reducing fat & toning muscle so I had to give it a try to target those pesky lower abs. It was a 10/10 & a great addition to my workout routine."


She Prioritizes Gut Health


In her Instagram post, Morais writes that having a healthy gut is important to her. "Prioritizing digestion. Making sure I get enough fiber & starting off every morning with a juice cleanse. This has helped me feel so much better everyday." Harvard Health states that a healthy gut is important. "Trillions of microbes — bacteria, viruses, fungi — call your gut home. They do more than just help you digest food. They fight harmful pathogens; make vitamin K and other important chemicals; affect the way medications work; and may influence your immune system, heart health, and cancer risk. It also appears gut microbes may play a role in healthy aging and longevity. The genes of all your gut microbes are collectively called the gut microbiome."


She Uses An Incline With Leg Workouts

Morais shared in this Instagram post that she has learned to do squats on an incline. She captioned the post, "Gym Hack: I've been using a slight incline for increased stability & glute activation during my RDLs." Doing workouts, like squats, on an incline has a lot of benefits. A study in the Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science journal states that squats on an incline have a lot of benefits. "There was a significant increase in bilateral VMO muscle activation at 10° of incline compared to 0° and 5° (p<0.05). Greater increases in muscle activation and exercise effect was observed with increasing incline angles of the board. Changes in bilateral BF muscle activity were found; however, none were found to be significant."


She Weight Trains

Morais likes to weight train to stay in shape. She shared this video on Instagram of herself doing squats with a dumbbell. Morais captioned the post, "One of the OG workouts, but still works the best." Morais also posted this workout video of herself doing hip thrusts, step ups, and Bulgarian split squats with weights. She captioned the post, "Who wants to build that shelf?! there's many variations to each exercise but I use a combination of these to get the booty right 🛠 🍑 new programs otw, check the bio for sign ups + free goodies- who's ready?"

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