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Model Georgia Gibbs Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Blessings"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Georgia Gibbs is sharing her "blessings" in her bathing suit. In a new social media post the model opens up about the changes in her life, showing off her gorgeous body in a swimsuit in the process. In her Instagram post she explains that she "spent so many years of my life fast forwarding to where I wanted to be," instead of focusing on the moment. "These are a few of the milestones in my life I completely missed focusing on the future instead of celebrating now, not to mention the daily wins, personal growth & emotional expansion that's gone ignored over the years, I believe this is my greatest triumph," she continued. "This has been my focus for a year and a half now & I hope you will join me. I don't want to waste another day looking to the future rather than seeing the blessings & personal wins in-front of me." How does the Sports Illustrated beauty maintain her amazing body? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Healthy Diet

Georgia maintains a healthy diet. She starts her day with eggs, "poached is my favorite," she told Husskie. She snacks on dried mango or yogurt. "Lunch is usually a large salad with tuna, salmon or a poke bowl! I try and also drink at least 8 cups of water per day," she continued. "Dinner normally is a filet of some sort of fish with different sides – I'm currently loving sweet potato and asparagus! If I want something sweet, usually I go for dark chocolate or a cheeky glass of red wine. I eat just about everything but feel my fittest, most alert and healthy when I fill my body with a mixture of light proteins, grains and fruit/veg."


Boxing and Pilates


"I love boxing and Pilates, a mixture of high intensity and toning workouts are my favourite! It's great being able to use my wearables to monitor not just my heart rate but reps of each exercise too," she told Husskie. 


Health and Fitness Buddies

Georgia's business partner, Kate Wasley, is also her fitness buddy. "Kate and I are both passionate about helping others reach their health goals and love supporting our community with their health journeys. We've been able to take our health and fitness goals to the next level, tracking our food and exercise with fitness tech and love how we can share our progress and support each other to stay motivated and confident, she says. 


"Inside Out Beauty"

Georgia focuses on "inside-out beauty," which she explains is key. "Start by lowering inflammation, calming your nervous system and finishing with something that feels nourishing. This may look like taking my shoes off and going outside on the grass or the sand, having a stretch, walking or doing yoga. Then I finish with a fulfilling breakfast and all over face and body oil," she told Ocean Drive.



Georgia says that "taking time out for yourself" is key. "Doing something every day, whether it's just five minutes for you," she explained to Body + Soul. "Positive affirmations to tell yourself every day before bed, finding something you love about yourself and repeating that whenever you feel insecurity creeping in, holding a friend close and sharing how you're feeling really does help."

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