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Model Sofia Resing Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Algarve Insane Rock Formations"

See how she stays in shape.

Sofia Resing is a model, known for her work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She recently went on a trip to Portugal, and shared some photos and videos on Instagram from the trip. In them, Resing wore an orange swimsuit, her figure on display. She captioned the post, "Algarve insane rock formations." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Sofia Resing stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Loves Green Juice


Resing did a "21 Questions With" interview with The Fashion Spot, and shared some of her wellness secrets. She says that she likes to drink a green juice every morning, and shared some of her favorite things to include. "My morning routine consists of… making my own fresh green juice then going to work out. I usually add guarana powder, a Brazilian extract, for extra energy."


She Does A Variety Of Workouts


In her The Fashion Spot interview, Resing shared some of her favorite exercises. She says that she does a variety of things to stay in shape. "My fitness routine consists of… in New York I love to vary between functional training sessions and yoga. When I am on the beach, I love to paddleboard if the water is flat and bodyboard if there are waves."


She Takes Care Of Her Skin


Resing has amazing skin, and shared some of her secrets with The Fashion Spot. "The beauty products I find myself buying again and again include… Caudalie Eau de Beauté for a hydrated and glowing complexion. I usually carry the spray in my bag and I apply maybe five times during the day, so refreshing! I also love the Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel from boscia as a face moisturizer, it's a cooling gel that minimizes pores, feels so good on the skin."


She Parasails

Resing spends a lot of time by the water. One thing she likes to do is parasail. She shared these photos on Instagram of herself parasailing in the ocean. Resing captioned the post, "In my happy place!!! On my way to New York today reminiscing about the epic days in this paradise…videos coming soon."


She Snowboards

Resing does a lot of outdoor workouts to stay in shape. One thing she likes to do is snowboard. She shared this video on Instagram of herself snowboarding down a mountain. The University of Rochester Medical Center states that snowboarding has a lot of benefits. "Skiing and snowboarding are thrilling activities and great workouts. Both sports are excellent cardiovascular exercises that strengthen the heart. Because they are also weight-bearing exercises, they strengthen your bones as they tone your muscles. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises also work to reduce your risk for chronic diseases, and lower blood pressure. They also help you maintain a healthy body weight. Through regular aerobic exercise like skiing and snowboarding, you lower your risk of developing conditions like diabetes and heart disease, having a stroke, and perhaps even getting cancer."

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