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Model Steph Claire Smith Shares Swimsuit Selfie

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Model and fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith is hinting at some very exciting news—and sharing her happiness with fans. Smith, 29, posted a picture of herself posing in a white bikini with a black jacket on top, looking on top of the world. "16yr old Steph would be SCREAMING🥹❤️ Excited to share what I shot yesterday 📷," she captioned the post. Fans immediately started speculating as to what she might be hinting at. "It's gotta be VS 👀 I remember when you were going to castings 🥺🫶🏼," one commented. So how does someone who works out for a living relax and recharge? Here's how Smith does it. 


Calm Mornings

Smith appreciates the benefits of a calm, happy start to the day. "These days I have really been enjoying a slower start to the day," she says. "I used to jump out of bed and smash out a workout and have brekkie on the go on my way to work (definitely still have these mornings now and then) but I take my time when I can. I start with either a yoga flow or a walk with Ari my dog and I've found that has helped my mood and headspace so much throughout the day. Sometimes when life is busy and I'm a little stressed, fast-paced mornings are the worst!"


Yoga, HIIT, and Running

Smith works out several times a week and likes to mix up her exercises. "I definitely listen to my body, but on average I'd say I workout five to six days a week," she says. "But it's broken up into different activities – I might go on two runs, do two HIIT workouts or strength workouts and then fill in the other days with yoga or walking."


Healthy Delicious Diet

Smith enjoys a healthy diet with plenty of good fats and protein. "Lunch is generally poached eggs with avocado, spinach, and gluten-free bread," she says. "Mid-afternoon, I like a KIC Bliss Ball (available in selected Cole's supermarkets) for something sweet. As for dinner, it's always different—typically anything with meat and vegetables. All of my favorite dinners are in the KIC program, like the Surf n Turf Salad, or Baked Sticky Chicken with Greens."


Balanced Lifestyle


Smith doesn't believe in restrictive eating patterns and punishing workouts. "It's all about balance," she says. "Nothing too strict, basically the 80:20 rule. Listen to your body and fuel it with the right things, and treat yourself the other 20 percent of the time with food that makes you happy. When it comes to exercise, find what works for your body and what you enjoy doing. A workout shouldn't be punishment."


Tea and Reading At Bedtime

Smith winds down for the day with tea and reading, and makes an effort not to scroll on her phone in bed. "I can't end the day without a peppermint tea," she says. "It's a habit that now is set in my routine as the last thing that I consume for the day and so now it makes me sleepy. I love chocolate, I would have chocolate almost every night of the week! But I try not to have it too close to bedtime."

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