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Modern Family Star Madison Iseman Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Summer Luvin"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Modern Family star Madison Iseman enjoys summer year round, judging by her social media posts. Iseman, 26, shared pictures of herself soaking up the sun in a floral bikini, having fun with boyfriend Spencer Sutherland. "A lil summer luvin ☀️🪩✨ pov livs camera," she captioned the post sharing highlights of her September fun. "It's the last day of summer & I love u," commented Sutherland. Here's how Iseman lives a "happy and humble" life.


Healthy Diet


Iseman makes an effort to choose healthy, nutritious foods every day. "I'm no nutrition expert, but I do eat clean and healthy," she says. I always make sure I have a protein, carbs, and lots of greens. Because I'm trying to gain more muscle mass, I try to eat a lot more. I tend not to eat as much while filming, and I had to set reminders on my phone because it's easy for the day to escape me when shooting.


Active Childhood

Iseman had an active lifestyle growing up, thanks to her mother. "My mom was an athletic instructor, so I hated working out at first because she was always trying to get me to the gym," she says. "Back then she would do personal training and teach Pilates plus Zumba. Now she teaches spin and various [full-body] workout classes. When I turned 18, I got into yoga and discovered barre classes. I'm usually doing a little bit of everything in the gym and have days in which I focus specifically just on my arms, legs, back or chest. A lot of my workouts also come from watching videos on YouTube and Instagram. My favorite accounts to watch are AnnaVictoria and EmLouiseFitness. I also got into weight training, and in doing so, I've watched my body become much stronger."


Strong Female Leads


Iseman wants to portray strong women in cinema. "I'm a big reader, so I read scripts like a book, and if it affects me the same way that my favorite books do, I know that's the project I want to do," she says. "I really just look for a moving script, with powerful characters. I think it's important, as a woman, to display these super-powerful women in cinema. I look for good stories. I think that's really where I start."


Harry Potter Fan


Iseman was inspired to be an actress after watching the Harry Potter movies. "You know this, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan," she says. "I think it was the first movie I saw. I even told my mom at the time, 'I have to be Hermione Granger,' and she was like, 'I don't know how to make that happen, but sure, go for it.' From then on, I grew up in a school that wouldn't have a theatrical department, so my friends and I would make stupid short films. They are all on YouTube, but I don't remember my password to take them down."


Happy and Humble

Iseman tries to focus on the important things in life. "I try to live a humble and happy life," she says. "I want my fans to realize that life is too short not to pursue what makes them happy. Some people get stuck in the wheel of habit. The world is endless with opportunities, and you don't have to settle."

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