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Molly Ava in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Live Your Life"

She shows off her strong body in a two-piece look.

Molly Ava is urging her followers to take a break from fitness when you need it – in her workout gear. In a new post, the fitness influencer reveals that she put on weight during a recent vacation, but she is okay about it. "LIVE YA DAMN LIFE GIRLIE ✨," she wrote in the Instagram caption, showing off her strong body in a two-piece look. How does she approach diet, fitness, and self-care and what is her latest message? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


She Once Tried Fat Burning Pills and "Teatox"


Molly reveals that in 2019 she decided she wanted to lose weight and tried instant fix products, but they didn't work. "I came to my fitness journey an unhealthy, depressed student, drinking too many VKs and relying only on mac and cheese ready meals and fruit pastilles for fuel. So what did I do? I bought a teatox and some fat burning pills (I wish this was a joke), and clearly that didn't work. I just had the runs and a weird tummy," she wrote in an Instagram post. 


Then, She Discovered Lifting

"So I sat myself down at the start (well February because January was, if you'll pardon the pun, a shit show) of 2019, and said enough was enough," she continued in the post. "I bought a gym guide, some protein powder and set myself some goals. I was going to stick to it this time. For the first 2+ years of this journey all I cared about was being small. I just wanted to be lean and slim, I enjoyed lifting I loved feeling strong, but the overriding goal was so be small."


She Also Realized You Need to Eat More to Get in Shape

"It's not just something you wake up with, but one day after realising both my boobs and a** had done a runner I knew I couldn't live life under 2000 calories forever and something needed to change," she continued in the post. "So with the help and encouragement of @gymwithwarr we both embarked on our first bulk and honestly it changed my life. I had never felt such enjoyment from food, without any guilt, my body worked so much better, my mental health was a million times more positive, my hair was thicker my skin was healthier and best of all MY LEGS WERE GROWING. I felt like a beast, I trained hard, I kept going and I accepted learning and growing through the tough times, self-doubt and some incredibly testing body image days."


Strength Training

Molly's workouts are now focused around strength training and lifting weights. She does old school moves like chest presses, rows, single leg step ups, and Bulgarian split squats. "Speedy full body(ish) workout," she captioned a post. "One of those days where you need to be in and out but you want to get the PUMP 🔥 Shoulders, back and lower all HIT 🫶🏼Reps and sets on screen, 60-120s rest between sets (as needed)."


It's Okay to Take Breaks, She Says

Molly's message in her latest post, is that it's okay to take breaks from your routine. "This past weekend was the FIRST weekend I've had at home in over a month, Life has been a liiiil crazy to say the least but I wouldn't change a moment of that 🫶🏼I had a whole 9 days of ALL food out on my holiday, 4 days on a hen do, 2 days for Taylor swift, and many other meals out in between and that's ok it's been AWESOME 🍕Stepping on the scales after a busy period can be a little scary, especially if you have a fat loss goal, but gaining weight does not reflect on YOU as a person in any way shape or form so don't you forget that. Am I rushing to loose this weight? No im back at my maintenance calories and kindly letting my body do its thing," she wrote. 

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