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Molly Yeh In Workout Gear "Balanced Out the Walk" With In-N-Out

Yeh, 34, shared a picture of herself wearing a gray athletic shirt.

Girl Meets Farm star Molly Yeh is sharing highlights from a recent trip to Arizona—and of course, there was plenty of delicious food on her family vacation. Yeh, 34, shared a picture of herself wearing a gray athletic shirt and pink hat, walking from Mesa to Phoenix. "Arizona scenes!! Featuring: 🌵Nick's dad's five year tradition of walking a marathon from Mesa to Phoenix 🚶🏻‍♀️I walked half and ate ice cream the other half. 🌵Balanced out the walk with obligatory animal style [burgers]," she captioned the post. Here's how Yeh stays happy, healthy, and lives a balanced life.


Morning Routine and Walks

Yeh likes taking walks whenever she finds the time. "I wake up to Bernie crawling into bed with me around 7 a.m., when the sun comes up," she told The Cut. "We'll cuddle for a few minutes and then I'll breastfeed Ira before I go downstairs to do weights and yoga. Sometimes Bernie joins me; she really crushes a happy-baby pose. Now that it's warming up, I'm going to start going on walks. Prioritizing something that's at least along the lines of a workout keeps me really balanced."


Italian Sandwiches


Yeh missed her favorite Italian sandwiches when she was pregnant. "Every Saturday I go to the gym and then I go to Jimmy John's," she told The Kitchn. "Before I got pregnant, I would get the Turkey Tom with mayo and onions. Now that I'm pregnant, I don't do deli meat — I get the cheese one. The first thing I'm going to eat when I give birth is going to be the Italian Stallion. I need salami."


Planning Ahead

Yeh plans ahead as much as possible to balance work and family. "It takes about a month to film a season of Girl Meets Farm, and during that time I set up my life as if I'm away," she told The Cut. "I prepare everything else — things at the restaurant, recipe-development stuff — so that all I focus on during that time are my family and the show. I'm a very, very, very big planner — literally, I plan my planning. Every Friday, I sit down and figure out what recipes I need to work on the next week and when I'm going to be at Bernie's. I always have time carved out to sit behind my computer and do action items. Then I'm just tied to that schedule; I really try to stick to it."


Reading At Bedtime


Reading is an important part of Yeh's bedtime routine. ​​"I committed to finding books that I really love," she told Thrive Global. "Any time I can look forward to getting into bed and reading until I fall asleep, I sleep way better. And then if I ever find myself wide awake in the middle of the night, I don't stress out about it, because then I can read my book. And usually just not stressing out about being wide awake in the middle of the night relaxes me to the point of falling asleep."


Apps For Less Screen Time

Yeh uses an app to help her cut down on screen time. "I have this great phone app called Forest," she told The Kitchn. "Whenever I feel like I am using my phone an unhealthy amount (which is a lot), I turn on this app. It makes it so that you don't pick up your phone for certain amounts of time. If you try to, it says all of these things to really encourage you not to. At the end of the time limit you set, a tree grows in your forest. Then you can grow a lot of trees. Whenever I feel like I need to be more present, I just hit the button and go for 25 minutes to an hour of not using my phone and my brain can calm down."

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