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Mom Star Jaime Pressly Shares Swimsuit Photo "This Is 46"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Mom star Jaime Pressly turned 46 over the summer and celebrated her birthday with friends and family. Pressly, 46, shared highlights of the event on social media, posting pictures of herself wearing a blue swimsuit on a boat. "This is 46! Happy Birthday to me! In my happy place back home on the water with my favorite humans and yesterday was the greatest day ever with all of my bfs I've known since kindergarten. Being able to say I've had the same bfs since kindergarten makes me feel very blessed. Couldn't feel more grateful today," she captioned the post. Here's how Pressly just gets better with age.


Parks and Recreation

Pressly enjoys outdoorsy pursuits. "Balboa Park needs to be spoken of," she says. "Aside from the fact it has great golf courses, one of the playground areas cost like $3 million, there's the little lake, you can do the paddle boats, and you can fish, there's tons of birds. That's my favorite park, for sure… I grew up on a boat in North Carolina, the real Dawson's Creek. So I grew up fishing. I do it when I go home."


Postpartum Fitness

Pressly struggled with her postpartum physique. "I am someone who's always enjoyed working out and being athletic," she says. "Not everyone enjoys the same type of physical activities. The important thing to remember is simply to make sure you are being physically active in whatever way makes you feel good and makes you sweat and breathe. Not even, I, Miss Workoutaholic, wanted to step foot in a gym, after giving birth. I felt lazy, exhausted, depressed, fat, totally unsexy, and all together a mess. So know that you are normal if that's what you're feeling."


Sanity Not Vanity

Pressly motivates herself to exercise by focusing on how it makes her feel. "The saying or motto that I came up with to try and help motivate me while losing the 42 pounds I gained during pregnancy is: I workout for my sanity NOT my vanity," she says. "Think about it for a second and let those words resonate. Exercising and sweating out all those toxins is the best way to conquer all the issues you go through after giving birth and will continue to keep you healthy, happy, and strong throughout motherhood. Exercise gives you energy, stamina, focus, and time to breathe. Taking even 20 minutes for yourself a day will give you the time to yourself that you need to help keep you going strong."


Wine and Cheese


Pressly loves the Los Angeles nightlife, but isn't interested in clubs. "I think our restaurants are so much better than they used to be, and I think there's a better nightlife now than there used to be," she says. "Of course I'm older now, and I couldn't care less to go to a club. The Hollywood Bowl is one of the most amazing experiences anybody could have—going to see Adele, being able to bring your own wine and cheese and sit with friends. And the Ford Amphitheatre, that's cool."


Self-Care For Mom

Pressly reiterates how important it is to make time for self-care after having kids. "Balance or actually finding balance is one of the most difficult parts of all the change that happens when you become a mom," she says. "Just know that you're still allowed to take time for yourself, you are only human, you can do it (whatever IT is) and your fears are just Fake Evidence Appearing Real. So whether it's getting back in the gym, doing yoga, or simply locking yourself in your room and dancing to loud music all by yourself, JUST DO IT! Get out there and sweat, ladies! I promise, if you focus more on how you feel inside, your body will react quicker on the outside."

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