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Money Heist Star Itziar Ituño Shares Swimwear Photo Looking "Pretty"

She’s tried Ayahuasca.

Money Heist star Itziar Ituño had some fun at the beach this fall, and posted the pictures online. Ituño, who plays Inspector Raquel Murillo on the Spanish TV show, shared pictures of herself taking a dip in green ocean water, wearing a black bikini as she had fun with a friend. "Pretty," a fan commented on the post. Murillo has never been interested in the fame aspect of her career—here's what she says matters the most.


Studying Sociology

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Ituño never intended for acting to become her career. "Mine is a very long journey," she says. "I studied sociology with the intention of exercising it and, at the same time, did theater for a hobby, but you never know what way you're going to take your life… I've been lucky, having worked for many years, to participate in the film Loreak and then in The Paper House."


Breaking Down Barriers

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Ituño is aware of the imbalance in the entertainment industry for women. "I think women suffer discrimination every day or just every day," she says. "Many times it goes unnoticed because we have already become accustomed to things like this. I think we have to do a lot of things that as women have taught us history throughout. We must deconstruct ourselves and build again in a different way. I am on that path and I am detecting many inequalities, not only in the world of cinema, but in all areas of society. Women have a lot of work to do to change things."


Ayahuasca Experience

Ituño once tried ayahuasca. "In 2002 I went to do theater workshops in Iquitos, in the Peruvian jungle, as part of a volunteer program," she says. "I have never been into hallucinogens, they scared me a lot, but the shamans proposed a ritual for us to take ayahuasca. Being a sociologist, and being so integrated into anthropology, I was encouraged to do it. I took ayahuasca and I realized that there is something that I absolutely did not know. I became very small. Suddenly you understand everything: the jungle, these people and the reason for this magical mentality. It's like getting into Avatar. There is a world that you didn't know was there, in a corner of your head or your DNA."


Musical Hobbies

Ituño is part of a musical group, something she deeply enjoys. "I play a little percussion and I'm in a folk group that has stopped a bit after the pandemic, Dangiliske," she says. "From there came another rock group in which they invited me to participate. And I thought: 'why not?' It's a very patriarchal thing, we [doubt] ourselves. But how complex that is. I thought that if I did it wrong, they would retire me. I don't have to back out first. If I have fun in the meantime, even if I'm a mediocre singer, why not prove myself."


No Desire To Slow Down

Ituño likes being busy, even when work can be overwhelming. "I'm always thinking about slowing down and resting, taking a sabbatical and not linking one project after another," she says. "Although when you have time to think and digest everything that has happened to you, you get overwhelmed and say 'what do I do now with my life?' Let's see, something would occur to me. I would return to dance, to my English classes, which I had to abandon… being bored was not going to bore me. I would also take some acting courses to retrain myself. And singing."

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