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Money Heist Star Úrsula Corberó Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Roll Like This"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Money Heist star Úrsula Corberó went on a very romantic trip with husband Chino Darin, the Argentine actor and film producer. Corberó, who plays Tokyo on the show, shared gorgeous pictures of her getaway, including ones of her posing in a stunning lime green one-piece swimsuit. "Roll like this forever," she captioned the post. Corberó has a very relaxed approach to health, wellness, and diet—here's what it looks like.


She's a Dancer

Corberó doesn't have a strict workout routine, but loves dancing to stay in shape. "I burn a lot of energy, so my body asks me to eat constantly," she says. "I eat everything but good and rich. I like quality raw materials, but I don't follow any particular diet."


Her Perfect Day

Corberó's perfect day off is either action packed or incredibly lazy and relaxed. "For me there are two perfect Sunday plans: one would be the active plan, getting up early, preparing an incredible fresh orange juice, toast with avocado, then going to the trail, enjoying the sun, going to the movies," she says. "And then there is the Sunday plan of doing nothing at all; I stay at home and that's it."


Aging Concerns


Corberó is honest about her worries related to aging in the entertainment industry, especially for actresses. "I would be lying to you if I said no; It is a fear that I believe, among actresses, is transmitted from generation to generation," she says. "There are many actresses who suffer from crisis when they start to age. There is nothing I like more than a [real] face, but if I'm honest, I don't know if I'll like it on me."


She Loves Food

Corberó is not interested in restrictive diets, but enjoys many Spanish delicacies and snacks. "I really like to eat, eat delicious food," she says. "I have a weakness for Asturian cachopos with their melted cheese, but a good cachopo—don't give me a defrosted one because I have a very fine palate. Recently a magazine suggested that I had gotten pregnant because I had a tummy in a photo and I answered yes, from a hamburger and some fries."


Social Media

Corberó is learning to accept the rough with the smooth when it comes to her social media, and responds to comments on her own terms.  "There are days when I respond to harsh comments, and I have come to the conclusion that if I feel like responding, I am going to do it because I feel comfortable with it," she says. "I must say that there are comments from haters that I find very funny; there are very brilliant people and I suppose you have to take it with humor."

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