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Morelle McCane in Workout Gear Uses Punching Bag and Says "Just Do it"

She’s ready for Paris 2024.

Boxer Morelle McCane is fighting fit and ready for the best summer of her life. McCane, 29, shared a video of herself wearing boxing gloves, black leggings, and a red sports bra, pummeling a punching bag with spirit and energy. "Just do it ✔️💪🏾🥊," she captioned the post showing off her technique and skill. "Champ!" a fan commented. McCane is hoping for Olympic gold at Paris, and worked incredibly hard to get to this point in her career. Here's what her approach to training and wellness looks like.


Glass Half Full

McCane has a good philosophical approach to her sport.  "I believe that discipline is like self-love, because it means that you are in control of what you are doing," she told "I don't let the situation control me, I'm the captain of my ship. I'm my best self when I'm relaxed, just having fun, and remembering not to treat boxing with deathly seriousness like we're in the Roman times. I take the sport seriously, but I remember that there will always be another day whether I win or lose."


Sacrifice To Win

McCane knew she had to sacrifice to get to Paris 2024. "It was just the moment where I was just like, is this for me? And then, God slapped me in the face and was like, girl, yes, you just got to work harder," she told KLAS 8 News Now. "I eliminated every distraction, I eliminated class, I eliminated working and just was like, okay, you got to be poor for this. I don't think it has really hit me as of yet. Like it hit me to the point where it's like, wow, hard work pays off. But now it's like, we still got work to do."


Reality Check


McCane has grown as a fighter—especially in regards to her attitude. "When I first was able to go down to the Olympic training center and practice, I was given a reality check," she told "I was outside of my bubble, and outside of my comfort zone thinking that I was the best. I learned that I wasn't actually doing things right, and it was very humbling. The main thing that changed was my attitude. I used to think that boxing was about who was the toughest."


Controlling Her Emotions

McCane learned to control her emotions in the ring. "At first, I used to be very close to getting disqualified in my fights," she told "But when you grow in boxing , you realize it's a very controlled sport and the more relaxed you are, the better you do, and the more you see. You can be passionate but you have to control the passion."


Fight For Your Life

McCane wants her family to travel to Paris to watch her fight. "Who knows what's going to happen years from now," she told KLAS 8 News Now. "So, I want to be able to give them or to have them have that same moment that I have. And not from the TV but actually like being there to witness it. I feel a little butterflies. But once I cross the ropes, it's like, it's either me or you. And it's mine. So, I want it and I'm going to get it. So, if you're not prepared to fight for your life, you might not want to be in here with me."

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