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Murder Mystery 2 Star Jennifer Aniston Shares Swimsuit Video of "Photo Dump"

Here are her wellness rules.

Murder Mystery 2 star Jennifer Aniston says her best way to approach wellness is to ask how best to take care of herself—and her friends clearly play a big part in that. Aniston, who plays Audrey Spitz in the Netflix movie, shared highlights on instagram of some special moments with loved ones this year—including a video of her walking down to the beach wearing a black bikini and straw hat. "Summertime photo dump," she captioned the post. Here's how the actress is thriving at 54, and what she really thinks about "The Rachel" haircut.


Mindfulness Mornings

Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Aniston credits mindfulness for her ageless glow. "That means staying away from my phone as long as I can in the morning (which infuriates some people), meditating, and not letting the world bombard me like it does, which is especially important in the business that we're in," she says. "I used to just burst myself into the world and not have a moment, and I think it's so important to give yourself that extra 30 minutes in the morning, which is usually the minimum of what I try to give myself to be alone and do absolutely nothing."


Collagen and Water

Aniston collaborates with Vital Proteins and swears by collagen every day. "Back in 2014, my doctor asked if I eat breakfast (which I didn't really), and he said to try this protein powder in a shake—and it was Vital Proteins," she says. "I've taken ingestible collagen every morning since then, and I've noticed such a difference in my hair, nails, endurance, and workouts." Aniston is also diligent about staying hydrated. "The best beauty tip I have for people is to sleep and drink water, honestly," she says. "Did you know that so few people actually drink water? I'll get mad at my friend Courteney Cox all the time because she'll tell me she hasn't had a sip of water today—and I'm like…are you out of your mind? Water is everything."


Clean Beauty

Aniston takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. "I have always been in the mindset of 'how do I take the best care of myself?'" she says. "So I have always chosen to do things that make me feel good, healthy and thrive. I try to stay hydrated, maintain healthy eating habits, and exercise because it all benefits not only my body, but also my mind, and, of course, my hair. So I say, look for a beauty routine that makes you shine from the inside out. The brands and products are out there—it's just finding what works best for you!"


Hair Care Line

Aniston started her LolaVie hair line after struggling to find products that worked for her hair. "Over the years, I've had so much wear and tear on my hair. I have tried so many different products, and found I liked certain things about each—one had a great scent, another had a great consistency—so for LolaVie, we decided to create products that combined all of my favorite things and ideas," she says. "We also wanted to show that clean, highly effective products are possible. We take the time and care to ensure all of our products are absolutely perfect before launching them. I never understood why there weren't products like this on the market—ones that didn't have to sacrifice performance for clean ingredients."


The Rachel

Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

So how does Aniston really feel about her infamous 1990s "The Rachel" haircut? "My honest thoughts? That hairstyle was such a struggle because I have really curly hair and it had to be blown out every time," she says. "I never used to spend that much time in the morning with my hair, and that look ended up having to be so…time-consuming, let's just say that."

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