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Ava Max Shares Swimsuit Photo While "Blooming"

Here are the singer’s top diet tips for staying in shape.

Ava Max is heating up the South of France in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts, the Psycho singer shows off her incredible curves in a floral bathing suit. "Blooming in Canne [sic]," she captioned the Instagram post shared from Cannes. What does the Albanian American singer's diet look like? Read on to see 6 of Ava Max's top diet tips compiled by Celebwell. 


Snack on Produce

Ava revealed during's Herbal Tea & White Sofas video series that she loves snacking on produce. "I'm usually always hungry, so snacks!" the Albanian American singer said when asked what is on her tour rider. Fresh fruits and veggies, including blueberries and carrots and celery with ranch, are a few of her faves.  


Go Gluten-Free


Ava has a mild gluten intolerance, opting for gluten-free alternatives for her sandwiches and even crepe batter, using brown rice flour in her crepe batter. "I even created a crepe tutorial for YouTube, it was hilarious! I ordered European chocolate from Amazon, similar to Nutella, and then used a raspberry sauce for toppings. I was getting obsessed," she told Uproxx.


Cheat on Candy

Ava has a guilty pleasure: Candy. She revealed to MTV that Halloween candy is her weakness. "Snickers, Smarties, and maybe a Ring Pop. I love a Ring Pop. Let's be real," she exclaimed. 


Cook Your Own Meals


"The beginning of quarantine, I did not [order from] Postmates because I was so terrified. I cooked every single meal," Ava revealed to MTV about her pandemic hobby. "I'm not even kidding you. I told my mom, I'm like, I give you kudos, because my wrists were hurting. I was cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My niece would come over, I would make her food, and then I'd be like, wow, moms do so much. That was just cooking. That wasn't even cleaning up babies, which I don't have. I'm like, imagine being a mom. Kudos to moms. I just clap for all moms out there. Because the cooking was hard all day."


Go Nuts

Ava has another favorite healthy snack. "A lot of people don't know this, but chestnuts are one of my favorite foods," she told MTV. "Not even kidding you. It's an Albanian thing, too. Albanians love to make chestnuts during the wintertime. We can turn into a chestnut if we eat too many. It's full of carbs."


Add Some Feta Cheese

Ava loves Albanian food cooked by her opera singer mother, with "feta on everything," she told Herbal Tea & White Sofas.  Two of her favorite dishes? Spanakopita and rice pilaf with homemade tzatziki. Spanakopita, a Greek pastry filled with spinach and feta, provides vitamins A, C, K, and minerals like iron and calcium. It also offers antioxidants, bone and heart health benefits. Rice pilaf is a low-fat, gluten-free carbohydrate source with B vitamins. Homemade tzatziki, made from yogurt, cucumber, and garlic, contains probiotics for gut health, protein, and potential immune-boosting properties. Enjoying these dishes as part of a balanced diet offers various health benefits, but portion control is essential due to calorie and sodium considerations.

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