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NCIS Star Katrina Law Shares Swimsuit Photo "Sending All the Love"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

NCIS star Katrina Law is happy to share good news about her beloved pup Odin with fans. Law, 38, posted a picture of herself wearing a pink bikini, looking happy as she gave Odin (who is wearing a protective recovery collar) a cuddle. "Baby boy is all done with treatments and looking good!!! Sending him all the love 💕#odinkingofdogs. "Awesome dog," a fan commented. Law has been working as an actress for well over a decade—here's how she is only becoming better with age.


Cardio and Yoga

Law had special training for her role in The Oath. "I went old-school—working out with weights and doing just one body part at a time," she says. "For a while, I was doing a HIIT circuit. But sometimes with interval cardio, I find myself getting injured and wearing myself out a lot. When you're working 14-hour days, you tend to break down. I found it easier to do very lazy, long cardio. And also yoga to stay stable and Zen out."


Home Workouts


Law enjoys working out at home for the convenience. "The biggest deterrent is getting out of my house, getting in my car, and driving through L.A. traffic to get to the gym," she says. "So I just started working out at home. It's much easier to motivate yourself when you have a [Bowflex] Max Trainer. It kicks your ass in 15 minutes and makes you sweat… I have my game face on when I'm at the gym, and everything about me and the outfit I'm wearing—usually sweatpants— says, 'Do not hit on me.' I look like a blob on purpose. Wearing cute things or a sports bra—I'm not that girl. I wish I were, but I'm not."


NCIS Training


Like her NCIS co-stars, Law has to fit in exercise around very long work days. "Because of long hours and workload, I had to go back to my 'Spartacus' workout habits," she says. "I usually wake up at 4 am, drive to a gym close to work, start my workout at 5 am, and then I am ready to sit in the makeup chair by 6 am. I also asked my trainer to design workouts that could be done in my trailer in between scenes, lots of dumbbells and bands involved, and this method has been working out fabulously."


Mostly Healthy Diet

Law enjoys a healthy diet with occasional sugary treats. "I've been dieting off and on for the different shows that I've been on, starting with Spartacus, so I've just adapted it to my real life," she says. "For example, I know that I need to eat four or five times a day. When I'm working out, I actually eat a lot more sugar when I'm on set. I know it's a bad habit, but sometimes I'll have a piece of cake for a pick-me-up. When I'm home, I eat clean. I love eggs, natural carbohydrates, and lots of vegetables."


Red Velvet Lover

Law previously spoke about how her Spartacus role meant she had to be careful of sugar. "I am very active in general," she said. "I hike, dance, snowboard, mountain climb and scuba dive so I am in good physical condition. When I landed the role I did tighten up a lot on my diet – unfortunately that means I have to cut back on my red velvet cake intake… [my] least favourite part of dieting."

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