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Alaya F Shares Swimsuit Photo in "Shades of Blue"

She loves DIY beauty hacks.

Indian actress Alaya F (real name Aalia Furniturewala) is taking some time to herself to enjoy the sun, sea, and skies at the beach. Alaya, 25, shared pictures of her trip, including ones of her posing in a patterned bikini on the sands, and on a luxurious yacht. "Paint my mood in shades of blue 💙," she captioned the post. "Keep shining ✨️ 💛," a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Alaya stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Yoga Sessions

Alaya loves yoga as part of her wellness routine. "I used to get very motivated when I used to see these really nice yoga poses and videos on Instagram during the first lockdown," she says. "So, it started off as me copying those poses. When I was able to execute it, I thought to myself that this is probably something that I should properly learn. There started my yoga journey. Then, I started noticing all the amazing things about yoga."


Coffee Grinds


Alaya uses coffee grinds to depuff her skin "For someone who spends a lot of time traveling, shooting and just on the move, simple skincare and quick remedies are super important to me," she says. "I'm a big fan of easy and accessible homemade face packs. My favorite one is a mix of finely ground coffee, honey, olive oil, milk and gram flour. It's a great fix for puffiness, it instantly tightens and exfoliates the skin. This facemask and a nice face massage are a great combination for improving lymphatic drainage and boosting your glow!"


Beauty Routine

Alaya keeps her beauty routine simple and easy. "It's so simple but so effective," she says. "No expensive creams or treatments will benefit you as much as good water intake will. My secrets are actually not so secret anymore, haha! I exfoliate with a body and face scrub once in a week, shave with Bombae's Rollplay Razor."


SPF Every Day

Alaya protects her skin with SPF every day. "There is nothing more effective than the simple basics," she says. "Drink plenty of water–I can't stress this enough. I can see an instant drop in my skin quality if I don't hydrate enough. Also, I make sure I take off my make-up and wash my face regularly with a face wash that suits my skin type. And of course, SPF! I don't leave my home without applying a moisturiser that has SPF in it! Lip balm and SPF are my staples."


DIY Skincare

Alaya loves making her own skin and hair masks. "When it comes to skincare, I think I'll be the one to pass things down because I'm the one that enjoys making homemade face packs and recipes," she says. "I usually make a batch and then distribute it to everyone in the house. They all try it and give me their feedback. Other than that, I think oiling my hair is something that I've done since I was a child."

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