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Alexandra Daddario in Bathing Suit Posts New Photo Poolside

The actress showed off her body.

The White Lotus star Alexandra Daddario might not be at the series' resort. But she is still finding time to relax. The actress recently enjoyed a day by the pool, and posted a photo on Instagram. Daddario posed from behind while wearing a gray one-piece. She captioned the photo, "Taken by the man who can make even the kitchen pantry fun." Read on to see 5 ways Alexandra Daddario stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Swims

Daddario loves to hit the beach and jump in the ocean. And she loves to go to different beaches and unique locations. She posted this photo on Instagram of herself swimming in a pool near a large rock formation. She captioned the photo, "I went in."


She's A Kid At Heart


Even with Daddario's busy schedule, she still makes time for fun, and to let her inner child out. She posted this fun photo on Instagram of herself hanging upside down on a bar at a playground. She captioned the photo, "Inner child."


She Doesn't Obsess Over Food

Daddario tells People that she doesn't put herself on extreme diets or obsess over what she eats. In fact, she thinks this mindset helps her eat healthier. "I eat when I'm hungry," she says. "If you are trying to stay healthy and you get too hungry, it will only be more difficult to stay away from things like too much sugar if you don't give yourself what you want sometimes. I'm focused on being healthy and not stressing or obsessing over food."


She Works With A Trainer

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

While preparing her for her role in 2017's Baywatch, Daddario worked with trainer Patrick Murphy. In this video from Daddario's YouTube channel, the actress reveals that she still trains with Murphy.


She Weight Trains

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for ELLE

In this video from her YouTube channel, Daddario is seen working out with many different types of weights, alongside trainer Patrick Murphy. Daddario aims to do as many reps as possible with each weight she uses.

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