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Amelia Gray Hamlin Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "I'm a Fairy"

Here are 5 habits that help ground the young model 

Amelia Gray Hamlin is modeling in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts, the daughter of Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit. "I'm a fairy," she captioned the photo shoot, frolicking in a wooded lake area. "You ARE," commented fellow nepo baby Scout Willis. "Icon," added another follower. How does the young poser approach health and happiness? Here are 5 things she does to keep herself grounded. 


She Meditates

In a recent interview with W, Amelia revealed that she manifested her modeling career. She sai that after relocating from Los Angeles to New York City, she purchased a stack of fashion magazines, out images from W, Perfect, and CR Fashionbook, and created a dream board. "We burned candles and played music and guided meditations while we sat on the floor, boarding for probably five hours," she said. "I know it sounds hoo-ha witchy, but I really believe in the power of positive thinking." 


She "Mentally Recharges"

The model is all about self-care. "I am an extremely introverted person, which is of course a blessing and a curse. After a shoot, it is very important for me to mentally recharge, as I probably have another one the following day. I need to decompress from the character(s) that I have been putting all my energy into all day so that I can master a new one tomorrow!" Amelia told Vogue France.


She Reads


Amelia unwinds with books. "Reading for me is the ideal way to detach at the end of a working day. I am really into Abraham Hicks, Joe Dispenza or Wayne Dyer books to name a few. Right now I am reading The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, which I can highly recommend," she told Vogue. 


She Values Kindness

"My parents taught me how important kindness is," Amelia told Vogue. "I truly live by the idea that the most beautiful woman can walk in the room and quickly become the ugliest simply by how she treats others. My parents also taught me to work harder tomorrow than I did today." 


She Wants to "Embrace" Her "Flaws and Insecurities to Inspire Others"

"I have so many dreams. A lot of that involves of course covers of magazines and campaigns. But, at the end of the day, I want to be known as an artist that inspires people. I want to represent unapologetic and unique beauty from the inside. I want to embrace my flaws and insecurities to inspire others to love themselves for who they are. Everyone deserves to feel beauty and confidence. I hope I can play a role in that," Amelia told Vouge. 

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