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Amy Jackson Shares Swimsuit Photos of "Summer Lovin'"

How to diet and exercise like a Bollywood star.

British-Bollywood actress Amy Jackson is taking some time off from her busy schedule as a working mom to enjoy a summer vacation with her family. Jackson, 31, shared some highlights from her luxurious trip, including stunning pictures of herself posing on a boat in a black bikini, against a background of sparkling water and blue skies. "Summer Lovin'," she captioned the post. Celeste is a mainstay in Indian cinema, and knows how to appeal to an international market—here are 5 ways she makes it look effortless.


Green Juice


Jackson starts her day with green juice and an energizing workout. "I love a juice in the morning, usually a full green juice which cleanses my system," she says. "I also rely on my regular spirulina shot. You know, I was with my mom last week. I went to the gym, and when I came back, she said, 'You are glowing'! After a good workout, your blood circulation is better. It helps get rid of all the toxins and you have a healthy glow. I really think working out plays an important part in skincare."


No Dairy In Her Diet


Jackson cut out dairy from her diet for the sake of her skin. "Usually my days are really hectic, so I don't have too much time to spend on skincare," she says. "But I have to give a minimum of 5 minutes a day, morning and night. I do the basic–my Pond's face wash for cleansing followed by a moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated. There was a time when I used to love dairy products. Ice cream and pastas with creamy sauce! But, dairy really affected my skin and tummy. I actually became lactose intolerant overnight. That's the reason I stopped dairy completely. I noticed that my skin started to clear up a lot. Also, pollution! It damages the skin just as much as the sun does."


Dance Training

Jackson learned to dance for her Bollywood roles. "Dancing was never my strong suit," she says. "And I think that was probably the aspect of the industry that I found the most difficult. When I was living in Mumbai, I'd be doing my dialogue classes in the morning and all afternoon I'd spend learning the different dance forms, it took a lot of effort for sure."


Drinking Lots of Water


Jackson says her advice for anyone younger is to stay hydrated. "Drink. More. Water! Stay hydrated," she says. "You know, I never used to drink water consciously until a couple of years ago. I used to only have fizzy drinks, coffee etc. I was obsessed with Red Bull when I was shooting for something. But I've realized the importance of staying hydrated at all times! It's extremely necessary."


Beauty From Within


Jackson has a healthy attitude to wellness and beauty. "They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I kind of don't believe that," she says. "I feel like beauty comes from even before seeing anyone, you feel it. For me, I consider somebody beautiful when I have a real impact of their energy. I can feel it before I see it and that's a feeling and that's a way that it translates into me. So that's how I see and feel and appreciate beauty."

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