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Antonela Roccuzzo in Bathing Suit Gets a "Heart" From Messi

Here’s how this soccer WAG stays fit.

Antonela Roccuzzo is showing off her fit and toned figure in a bathing suit—and at least one person approves of her swimwear. Lionel Messi's wife, 35, shared a beautiful picture of herself standing on the sand in a pink bikini, posing against a background of ocean and blue skies. Roccuzzo got plenty of positive feedback for her picture, including an admiring heart emoji comment from husband Messi. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Roccuzzo stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Indoor Bike Workouts

Roccuzzo uses an indoor exercise bike for a convenient at-home workout. "Honestly, I didn't use to train much on the bike, but what I liked the most is the possibility to train and do classes with other users," she says. "You really feel like you are in a live class sharing the experience with more people. It's incredible the feeling of being able to do a spinning class while at home."


Family Sports Time

Joe Maher – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Roccuzzo and Messi exercise as a family as much as possible, a habit they picked up during pandemic lockdowns. "We did everything possible to work from home and interact with our children, helping them continue with their schoolwork," she says. "Also, we have tried to be as creative as possible to enjoy our time together. On a personal level, I strive to play sports with good music when I find the time, as this helps me maintain my psychological and physical balance."


No Restrictive Diets


Roccuzzo works hard for her health, but admits she is always a work in progress. She makes a point to enjoy a balanced diet with no major restrictions. "I don't think I have a great physique, far from it," she says. "But yes, as much as possible I try to take care of my diet and train accordingly… I try to take care of my diet by following a balanced diet."


Learning a New Language

Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Roccuzzo took French lessons when the family moved to Paris in 2021. Learning a new language is known to have brain health benefits. "I practically don't know anything and, little by little, I'm getting more used to the language," she says. "I think it is a difficult language because it has many exceptions and there are a lot of fine print, but little by little I am improving. I think the trick is to live here, be attentive, want to learn and take private classes with native teachers."


Charity Work

Roccuzzo is eager to get involved in charity work, especially women's rights.  "It's something I've been thinking about for a long time, because there are so many issues I'd like to get involved in and so many women who inspire me every day," she says. "I see education as one of the most important rights for me. I believe that the future will be a challenge for the world where we will have to rise from the ashes. And I think this will be an opportunity to review our values ​​in terms of family, health, sustainability and others."

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