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Ariel Frenkel in Bathing Suit Says "Toula made me do it"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Ariel Frenkel first entered the pop-culture world this year. She appeared on the most recent season of The Bachelor, featuring Zach Shallcross. Frenkel was considered a fan-favorite and breakout star of that season, and now has a strong following on social media. Frenkel recently took a trip to Greece, and shared some highlights on Instagram. In them, she posed in a dark blue swimsuit. Frenkel captioned the post, "Toula made me do it." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Ariel Frenkel stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Believes In Generosity

Frenkel shares her dating advice on her Instagram stories. She even has a highlight dedicated to answering questions. In one, she was asked what she values in a partner. Frenkel answered, "Generosity." She explained, "When my father immigrated to this country, he gave whatever he could to others, and I always found this to be an underrated and essential personality trait."


She Builds Confidence

Frenkel also shared her secrets for building confidence in her Q&A Instagram story highlight. "Fake it till you make it," she wrote. "What you say to yourself has a lot more weight than you might think! If you speak to yourself in an unkind or self-deprecating tone consistently, you'll believe it. Be your own hype girl even if you're feeling like you're not worth the hype."


She Has Support

Frenkel is surrounded by a lot of supportive people. During an episode of The Bachelor, she opened up about her family and background with Shallcross. Frenkel also talked about the pride she has in her background. "I come from a community that is so loving, so fun, so funny. It's not just my parents and my brother and his wife, it's the entire Jewish, Ukrainian [immigrant community] in New York."


She Doesn't Pressure Herself

Frenkel talked about how she moves on from things on her Instagram story highlight. "Put less pressure on yourself," she advised. "Don't focus on putting a timeline on moving on. Focus on finding small ways to motivate yourself and find stability. You will naturally move on when your mind is elsewhere."


She's All About Growth

Frenkel always wants to grow as a person. She talked about this in her Instagram Q&A story highlight. "No matter how much progress you make, you should always be evolving," she writes. "Since self-growth isn't linear (it never stops!) There's no problem with dating while working on yourself, just remember no one will be able to do the work for you."

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