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Brittany Hockley in Bathing Suit Says "Don't Worry"

This is what her fitness routine looks like.

The Bachelor star Brittany Hockley is on vacation in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. Hockley, 35, shared a picture of herself posing in a white swimsuit against an ocean background, holding a cup of coffee. "This was our fav morning sanctuary to have coffee and start the day in peace…. until Ben stretched his ridiculously long arms up into the canopy and straight into a wasps nests 😂 one way to ruin the morning, for both of them. I'm doing just fine though don't worry," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Hockley stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Healthy Diet

Hockley enjoys a balanced diet with plenty of protein and healthy fats. "[Breakfast is] a bowl of oats with yogurt and berries, or avocado and poached eggs on toast with goats cheese – omg goats cheese is my weakness," she says. "Mid-morning is an almond milk latte, and lunch is usually a salad with fish or chicken, and lots of roasted vegetables. Dinner is always fish or chicken with a big bowl of salad and vegetables."


Meditation Every Day

Hockley meditates every day, and tries to fit a session in wherever she is. "I am into meditation and meditate most days, usually in the evening to unwind," she says. "For me, being at the beach, anywhere outdoors, or with my family is what I find relaxing." Hockley also uses exercise as a way to support her mental health. "Exercise has always been my escape from stress," she says. "And taking time out for meditation and massage. I quite like to be alone when I am stressed. I try to meditate three times a week at a minimum." 


Working Out With Sister

Hockley relies on her sister Sheri to help keep her fit and make nutritious meals. "Sheri is the closest person to me and we are on the same level with our outlooks on life," she says. "We have always lived together, worked together in a hospital, traveled the world together and trained together! She is a PT and a nutritionist so she keeps me on track and helps me reach my goals when I'm working towards something. We just know each other like the back of our hands. We train harder when we are together and it helps that she is an amazing cook – she whips up a healthy meal for us when we are done!"


10,000 Steps a Day

Hockley walks as much as she can, and tries to get at least 10,000 steps a day. "Harvard researchers looked at 32 obesity-promoting genes in over 12,000 people to determine how much these genes actually contribute to body weight," according to the experts at Harvard Health. "They then discovered that, among the study participants who walked briskly for about an hour a day, the effects of those genes were cut in half."


Sleep Health

Hockley knows how important sleep is, and tries to get as much as she can. "Sleep is my downfall," she says. "I work three jobs and am often finishing late at night and starting early in the morning. My sleep quality is amazing, but the amount of time I actually sleep is probably a little less than I should be getting. Every second week I find myself taking a nap in the afternoon for a few hours to catch up. It is working for now!"

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