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Cat Deely Shares Swimsuit Photo of "What Beaches are Made For"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Emmy Nominated host of So You Think You Can Dance, Cat Deeley, is enjoying her summer. She's making sure to hit the beach and spend time in the sun. Deeley shared a stunning new photo on her Instagram story recently. In it, she lounged in the sun reading a book. She captioned the post, "What beaches are made for." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Cat Deeley stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Drinks Green Juice In The Morning

Deeley opened up about her daily diet to Women's Health. She said that she used to drink lemon water each morning, but stopped after it affected her teeth. Deeley says that she found another healthy alternative. "Now I have a green juice. I have celery and cucumber, and a little bit of lemon juice and ginger."


She Loves BB Creme


Deeley shared some of her favorite skin and hair products with GetTheGloss. She says that she loves BB Cream. "I can't carry the whole collection of products with me because I travel all the time and I don't have space in my bag! I want to make my beauty maintenance regime as easy and as pared down as possible so for me it really works. In LA it's brilliant because I can just put it in when it's wet too, then separate my hair and twist both lengths of hair before tucking it behind my ears. I let it dry and then when I shake it out, it's wavy. If I need to put some more on afterwards to just get rid of the frizzes, then it's great for that too."


She Takes Care Of Her Hair

Deeley opened up about her hair care routine to GetTheGloss. "If I have to work, I wash it everyday, but quite often I do my own hair for events because I can't be bothered to sit in a chair for two hours. If I'm in LA, I'd rather have a swim in the pool or read a great book or a magazine and sit and let it dry after putting on some Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Instant Nourishing Spray , £4.99 or BB Crème in the ends. I like it like that."


She Embraces Her Look

Deeley is all about embracing her signature look, and she likes to find hairdressers and makeup artists that work for her. "I like the idea of embracing every person's individuality and how creative they can be by the look that they have," she told GetTheGloss. "It's such a sign of who you are. For me it's really hard to find hairdressers and also make-up artists in LA who don't give you a full once over, and you end up coming out looking like a cross between Alexis Carrington Colby and Dolly Parton. It's really weird. It's hard to find someone whose work I like, and sometimes I'd rather do it myself and feel more comfortable."


She Has More Knowledge

Cat Deely/Instagram

Deeley tells GetTheGloss that she feels like she's learned a lot more as she's gotten older. "What I love about getting older is the confidence that comes with it, and how you know who you are. If you can team that with looking after yourself a little bit more by doing a little bit of exercise every day, that's great. And then I think just moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Everything you can do to cling onto every last bit of moisture in your skin before you turn into a shrivelled old prune! Whether that's drinking tonnes of water or using facial oils or great moisturisers, vitamins, fish oils, whatever it is whack it in. You start to realise what works and what doesn't; I'm much more discerning as a beauty buyer now. I like products that do more than one thing like the BB crème because I don't have time, and also space wise because I'm constantly travelling."

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